Everybody Has One

We all have opinions. We all have opinions about everything. There is absolutely nothing with have an opinion, but it isn’t always necessary to voice it. Some people are just too opinionated for their own good, that other people can’t stand to see them coming. You know these people, because you roll your eyes when you see their names on your caller ID.

How do you know when it is okay to voice your opinion?

  1. When you are asked for it. – Many times people don’t care what you think, nor do they always value your thoughts and opinions. One good way to know that your opinion is valued, is for someone to ask for it.
  2. When your opinion affirms. – Compliments are always welcomed. To affirm someone is a sign of selflessness and everyone appreciates an affirming opinion. People receive so much criticism everyday that we rarely even know how to receive affirmation, but be forthright with sharing what you like about others.
  3. When your opinion helps (and not just suits) – A lot of our opinions boil down to personal preference. But here’s a new flash: EVERYTHING AIN’T ABOUT YOU! If your opinion only suits you, adding no true value, keep it to yourself. But if your opinion will help someone, and keep them from harm, embarrassment or imminent failure, you have a duty to open your mouth.

So, before you blast someone out on Facebook or Instagram, take a look at your motives. Nobody likes an opinionated jerk, so just like that other thing everyone has,sometimes it’s just best to sit on your opinions.

“Watch your words and hold your tongue; you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.” Proverbs 21:23 (The Message Bible)

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