Like I Wasn’t Even There

Have you ever been in a room and felt like a fly on the wall? Being overlooked and going unnoticed can leave you feeling very insignificant and even invisible. I know this feeling very well, but if you are dealing with insecurity or self-doubt, it is easy to feel like people don’t care about you or the value you may add to any given situation. These are the times when you feel like people you aren’t even there.

Insignificance is a feeling based solely on speculation. You cannot know, nor can you control what other  people think about you. All you can do is trust and obey the God who made you, and know that you have significance with Him, and He made you for His purposes. Being recognized by men is not a prerequisite for divine significance.

In 1 Samuel 8, Samuel was used to being “the man” in Israel. He was the high priest and last Judge of Israel. People revered him and really respected the gift of god on his life, but the culture shifted. Culture demanded a king. While this didn’t make Samuel obsolete, it did have an effect on his personal feeling of significance. In other words, this made Samuel feel “some kinda way”. The nation, and its changing culture, no doubt left him feeling washed up, like a has been. God encourages Samuel with these words: “Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me … ” (1 Samuel 8:7; New American Standard)

No longer would there be droves of people flocking to hear from Samuel. Instead, he would only have an audience of two: God and the king. Samuel would spend his days listening to and conversing with God, then turning and giving God’s instruction to a hard-headed king. But this in no wise cheapened Samuel’s worth or value to the nation, nor to God.wpid-screenshot_2014-11-21-10-44-222.jpg.jpeg

When it is that you feel insignificant or invisible know that God has not lost sight of you. He sees you and He knows where you are. His plan is still in play and you value is in tact. Don’t take it as rejection. I know you will even be tempted to look around and get distracted and stressed out about Facebook likes and Twitter followers, but even Jesus had only 3 friends and 12 followers. So don’t be dismayed. Do you, and let God handle the rest.

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