A Powerful Tool

A smile can communicate the joy and happiness in your heart. That same smile is so contagious, that just at the mere glance, someone else’s day can be brightened. Simply because you smiled. A smile can comfort a hurting heart. Smiling through the pain that life brings can soften the blows that you take. Simply because you smiled. A smile can display the courage and strength you posses. Smiling when you are weak and low, speaks of a deeper strength that isn’t easily broken. Simply because you smiled. I perfectly timed smile can defuse a hostile situation. Smiling when someone wants to fight, can bring peace and even agreement. Simply because you smiled.

Don’t, for one second, believe that smiling while hurting is in some way hypocritical. You aren’t putting on a mask, trying to trick people into thinking that your life is perfect. NO. In fact, the ability to smile regardless of the circumstance is a testament to power that lies on the inside of you. An undeniable power to change any atmosphere, whether in your own mind or in a crowded room. A genuine smile is a powerful tool: don’t be afraid to use it.

© 2014 Team Murph Publishing/DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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