Never Apologize For Being Happy

We live in a culture that seeks happiness but is skeptical of its existence in others. In other words, we will systematically question another person’s happiness, just simply because we haven’t found our own. The old adage, “misery loves company” rings true with most of us. If you are one of the favored few, who have found joy, contentment and true happiness, I am almost certain that you have dealt with ones who couldn’t understand it. It’s like they can’t believe that someone in your position, with your finances, and with your relationship status couldn’t possibly be happy. They will even go as far as to try to make you feel bad because of where you are emotionally.

Well, I believe that happiness is the return on an investment. Most of the favored few have had to fight and sacrifice to be happy. Our happiness was not given to us; there is a price that was paid. If you’ve had to hit rock bottom, never apologize for being happy. If you’ve lost people along the way, never apologize for yet being happy. Even if others think it’s an act or consider you a phony, never ever apologize for being happy; because they may never know what it cost you to be there.

“They that sow in tears shall reap IN JOY.” Psalms 126:5 (KJV)wpid-img_20141215_074802.jpg

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