This Is Not What I Wanted

Every Christmas, it is inevitable. Someone is going to hand you a box, and your face is going to light up. You will offer that fake, “For me?! You didn’t have to get me anything,” line; but all the while you can’t wait to see what you’ve gotten. But as soon as you open the box, it’s like a pin poked a small hole in your happy balloon. Disappointed.

Or someone hands you a Christmas card and you don’t even read the front, excited about what you think is stuffed inside. But when you open it up, it’s nothing but the rest of the poem you didn’t even read and a signature. Not even a Big Lots gift card?! Disappointed.

Many of us are disappointed with what we have been given in life. There were great hopes and big expectations, but once the box was opened, we find that it is not what we wanted; it’s not what we expected or what we planned for. Somewhere along the way we have all been there. But we have all heard it said, “it’s not the gift, it is the thought that counts”

When God gave you this life, He was thinking about you. Even before you were born, or even conceived, He had you in mind. He knows what purpose He has for you, and it is much greater than you think. James states that “… every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights …” (James 1:17a-b NASB)

Every moment He gives, is a gift. Love it or hate it, He expects you to use His gifts. Because what He has given you, is not just for you. He has plans to make you a gift for someone else. So when you are tempted to look in the box of life, and turn up your nose, don’t be disappointed. Be grateful that the God of heaven thinks so much of you that he would tailor such a gift for you. Open it, use it, and watch God make something great out of it.

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