But This Is Normal

Normal. Most of us strive to be normal. We want to fit in; we don’t want to standout. Normal is such a comfortable place so why deviate. However, for some of us, normal isn’t normal at all.

Growing up the youngest of 5, Grace always had her own personality. Her mom would dress her in satin and lace, but she always seemed much more comfortable playing with her two older brothers in the back yard. Basketball was the game of choice.

It seemed as if their house was the spot. All the boys in a three or four block radius would be there to hoop, and Grace would be right there in the middle. She would get no special treatment because she was a girl. Those boys, twice her age, wouldn’t soften their game just because she was young and small. It was almost as if they got more aggressive. But Grace kept playing. She hated losing, but she kept playing. In the third grade, she began playing with Upward Bound, an organization teaching young people about the fundamentals of sports and sportsmanship. Grace was so advanced in dribbling, shooting and passing that many watched in amazement. In seventh grade, Grace began playing for school and AAU teams. All coaches were very impressed; not only with her natural talent but also with her ability to be coached.

Today, in the tenth grade, Grace is the starting point-guard for the girls varsity squad. She’s been varsity since ninth grade, and the coaches are actually building the team and playbook around her. She’s been featured on Youtube as phenom, and her game has being compared to the likes of LeBron James. But to her, this is normal. She is not overly impressed with herself, because this is normal. She works hard and listens to instructions, because this is normal. We all look at her and see greatness, but for Grace, this is normal.

TD Jakes said, “I wish I could get people to understand that success doesn’t usually feel successful. People will be in awe of your gift, but to you, this is normal; and you will not be impressed at all.”

Could it be that you are already living in a place of greatness and giftedness, and not even realize it? Could it be that you are already operating at a level of success and skill, and not even feel it; because to you, this is normal? What God has placed in you is extraordinary and unique, so don’t measure your progress externally. Don’t scoff at those who are impressed with you. They see what you cannot. God is positioning you, with all your gifts, skills, and talents, to be great … but to you, this is normal.

“For You formed my inward parts;
You wove me in my mother’s womb.
I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works …” Psalms 139:13-14b (NASB)

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