You Are Who You Choose To Be

Take a look around you. What have you accomplished? What have you achieved? These are questions that are easy to answer, but if you dig deeper: are you happy? Is this what you want out of life? These are some of the questions that seem to haunt us throughout our entire lives. We grapple with the ideas of who we are and who we want to be, and for many there is a gap. Far too many people are not happy or fulfilled, struggling with the widening void in their soul. We all have dreams, goals and aspirations, but when you look in the mirror what do you see? Who are you, in this very moment?

You are exactly who you choose to be.

Every choice you have ever made has led you here. Life will always present you with opportunities, decisions and choices and it is up to you to maximize them. The end result lies in the sum total of all the choices made along the way. You are where you are because you choose to be. You are who you are because that is who you have decided to be. As human beings, it is natural for us to want to shift the blame and pass the buck. Taking full responsibility for our choices and actions, is completely counter intuitive. But there must come a time when we realize that we are responsible for ourselves. In every situation in your life, you and God are the only constants. So, you are where you are because you have decided to be there. You choose to be miserable, just like you choose to be happy. You choose to remain stuck in failure, just like you choose to pursue success.

While there may be an obvious gap between who you are and who you want to be, don’t allow it to stop you. Wallowing in insecurities won’t get you any closer to your goals. In fact, focusing on the gaps will only widen them with worry and doubt. When you choose to shrink in the face of adversity you automatically lose. Winning requires confidence.

Everything begins and ends with you. Having a dream and knowing what or who you want to be is the beginning, but hope is motivation, not a strategy. Sitting around wishing is not a plan. You have to figure out what it is that you can do, then do it. You don’t have to be afraid of failing, because fear is a choice. Face that fear, and even if you fail. Choose to get back up a try again.

God has created you with the abilities to think and decide for yourself, so never give that power away. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you, because whatever you give power to, has power over you. You have the power, the God given power to decide your own fate. It may not be easy, but it is just that simple. Everyday you have a choice. Will choose to pursue, or will you choose to do something else? It’s really all up to you. You will be, whoever you choose to be.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: (the ability) to choose one’s own way.”  – Viktor E. Frankl

© 2015 Team Murph Publishing/DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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