Hello Again (Days Like This)

So today is January 15, 2015. Four years ago today, I put my hands to the keyboard and wrote these words: Hello World!

Well honestly, it was what WordPress prompted me to write, so I just stuck with it. I had discovered the world of blogging, and I was intrigued at how so many regular people from all over the world had found the courage to speak and create their own platforms. I had no idea that my words would literally be read all over the world.

Since that day, 204 posts later (that’s averaging about 1 post a week), the words I have written have been read on every continent on earth*, technically making this an international ministry. This blog has also been accessed over 9000 times and I am inching closer and closer to 10,000 as we speak. Now to be fair, these numbers aren’t outstanding. There are people who have gotten 10,000 views this past year alone, and even a few that got 10,000 views today. I will admit that, sometimes I trip over views and lament over numbers. Sometimes I get discouraged because I feel like this ministry is too small, and I will own up to the fact that I have researched and tried a lot of methods to expand the reach of this blog.

But on days like this, I remember why I started. On days like this, there may be a mother who has lost a child, and just needs a word of hope. On days like this, there may be a man who’s struggling, trying to find a job to provide for his family, and just needs a word of encouragement. On days like this, there may be someone who is extremely gifted but is afraid to exercise that gift, and just needs a word of motivation. On days like this, there may be a family who is being torn down and torn apart, and just simply they need a word that will build them up.

The most amazing thing about blogging is that I am graced with the opportunity to speak into the lives of people I will most likely never meet. I am given the privilege to play a part in helping people accomplish their own wonderful things and pushing them towards their dreams and destiny. They may never say thank you, or leave a comment. They may never “like” it or share it with anyone else; but at least they listened.

I thank God for this platform, and I pray He will continue to bless it. I pray that He continues to guide the words that are typed to eyes of the people all over the world who need to read them most. I am still humbled at the fact the people are listening, so HELLO AGAIN!

“Oh that my words were written! Oh that they were inscribed in a book! That with an iron stylus and lead, they were engraved in the rock forever!” Job 19:23-24 (New American Standard Bible)

* except Antartica

© 2015 Team Murph Publishing/DJoaquin Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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