20 Seconds Later …

Well, it’s all we can talk about two days later. Super Bowl XLIX ended with one of the most regretted play calls ever. The defending champions, Seattle Seahawks, were 4 down nearing the end of the 4th quarter, and were making great strides to winning it all. Quarterback Russell Wilson completed a miraculous 33 yard pass to, wide receiver, Jermaine Kearse. It such an improbable catch, but it was good! It gave them the chance to make history, becoming only the 7th franchise to repeat consecutive Super Bowl wins. But with one of the greatest running back in the league in the backfield, this offense decided to put the ball in the air. INTERCEPTION!!!!* Why didn’t they run the ball? This team was sure to win, but 20 seconds later, they were defeated.

This is a principal that you can’t afford to ignore. Things can change quickly, and there are many times in which victory and defeat are found in a single decision. Don’t confuse winning for victory, neither losing for defeat. You could be praying for a miracle, and God may even perform that miracle for you. But what good is a miracle if you turn around and squander it on foolishness? Proverbs 4:7 says “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

* Interception (first NFL career interception) by rookie cornerback, Malcolm Butler.

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