Just Another Day

So … have you made plans for March 19th? That’s St. Joseph’s Day, and it’s just over a month away. I’m sure you already have your statue ready to bury in the front yard, and you already have you float design in place for the parade. Most people reading this probably have no clue what I’m talking about. While St. Joseph’s Day is a Catholic holiday, it is only a national holiday in Costa Rica, Spain, Columbia, and Italy. If you are an american protestant,  St. Joseph’s Day does not apply to you. March 19th means nothing.

February 14th is a day set aside for lovers. It is a great day for couples to reaffirm their love for each other and give gifts to express that love. If this day does not apply to you … STOP TRIPPIN’!

So many people get all bent out of shape over Valentines Day. I blame the public school systems that insist on everyone getting a card. I can remember, as a kid, having to hand a card saying, “I Love You”, to a another kid I really couldn’t stand. Subsequently, we all tend to think that EVERYONE deserves a valentine on Valentines Day; and anyone without a card, a bouquet, or some jewelry is in some way loosing.

Whether or not you have a date, a mate or a prospect on February 14th, is not a factor in your worth or value. Besides, people know how to put on a show. They can make it seem like their relationships are a beds of roses, when in reality they’re just thorny bushes.download

So instead of renting Waiting to Exhale, and drinking the entire bottle of wine; instead of stressing out and polishing off an entire roll of cookie dough; instead of getting depressed and crying yourself to sleep, be encouraged. Hold your head back and smile. Stick your chest out. Cheer up and know, that it is really just another day.

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