Don’t Waste Relationships

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime. This isn’t a new concept, and I’m sure you’ve something like that before. We spend a lot of time wishing we had certain types of relationship. Single people wanting to be married, married people wanting to be single, one-sided friendships and family members that can’t get along. In our mind we want things to be a certain way but many times they aren’t the way we desire. 

Perhaps you are frustrated with your relationships and you feel so unfulfilled. Maybe (just maybe) you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to have something that you may not be meant to have. I’m not of the opinion that “there is someone for everybody”. Some people are just meant to be single. Not everyone is going to be Mr. or Mrs. Popularity. Everyone can’t be a leader. There are so many other examples of relationships not meeting expectations, but I don’t believe that is an indication of wasted time or energy.

God does things in ways we can’t possibly understand or fully comprehend. Whatever He allows in your life has value and there is purpose in everything, so don’t waste the relationship. What is God trying to teach you in this? What could He be trying to teach them through you? How have you been made better, or how have you bettered someone? Get all you can out of every relationship, because they all add value at some point in time. But not only that. Give all you can, while you can, because love is an investment that will always yield significant dividends.

Just a ‘lil encouragement.

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  1. Powerful! Smh something I really needed to know. Sometimes u can take ppl for granted or be took for granted. Setimes we don’t know wen we have it good or bad. Listening to this message enlightens things to me. Thank u brother, God bless you. I’m glad to know that ur here. I’m truly staying tuned for more food for the soul.
    Doughboi of Inkville

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