God Still Wants You

I can remember very vividly, my daycare school. It’s not too far from where i live now, so every time we pass by, I’m taken back. I remember getting into it with this boy; Sidney! He and I were both pretty husky boys and I guess we battled it out for playground dominance. We didn’t like each other one bit! But that was short-lived, once we discovered that we lived only on block from each other. As 3 and 4-year-old kids, we quickly forgot the things that divided us and just simply decided to play and have fun.

Most of us were the same way. As babies, we didn’t hold on to anger towards others, we got over it and just simply played. However, we got to a certain age when we begin to hold grudges. We refuse to forgive and let go. You see; people cause differences and division. Toddlers know nothing of racism, classism, culturalism, or even ageism. They just know that they want fellowship and relationship. Everything else is taught.

We are given plenty of reasons why people don’t want us. Some are valid while others are just preferences. No-one on this earth knows you better than you. You are with you all the time. You know everything that you’ve ever done, even when you try to forget. If you knew someone like you, perhaps you wouldn’t be friends with you either. But even though God knows everything, and particularly everything about you, He still wants you.

In John 4, Jesus urges His disciples to take Him through Samaria. This was confusing to Jesus’s followers, because being Jews, they had a long-standing feud with the Samaritans. But Jesus is insistent. They show up to Jacob’s well, and Jesus decides to wait there while the rest of the men go find lunch. While Jesus is waiting, a Samaritan woman shows up to draw water. Jesus asks her for something to drink.  She, also being confused because this Jewish man was talking to her, decided to engage. In the course of the conversation, Jesus reveals to her that He knows all about her. he knows that she has had 5 husbands and the man she is currently living with isn’t her husband either.

This was amazing, because she was used to being shunned all her life. Men threw her away. Women would have anything to do with her. The whole town probably talked behind her back. Yet here was this Jew, who would normally be in the same boat with everybody else, inviting her into fellowship (not only with Him, but with The Father).

Yes, my friend, just like with this Samaritan woman, God knows everything about you, yet He still wants you. There are things in your past for which others have cast you aside, but God still wants you. You may even be disappointed and disgusted with yourself, but God still wants you. God isn’t in the business of holding grudges with you, because He desires to have fellowship with you. Where PEOPLE cause differences and division, GOD gives healing and wholeness. When PEOPLE want to hold grudge and never let you live your past down, GOD forgives and draws you close to live with Him. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you’ve done; God still wants you.

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