The Drama We Create

Everyday after school, my 10-year-old hops in the truck, eager to tell us all about the happenings in the fourth grade. He has all sorts of stories about who doesn’t like this one, and what this one said to that one, and what that heard about this one. After a while, his mother gets fed up, turns around and says, “Be quiet! I really don’t want to hear about your fourth grade drama!”

I struggle to remember what drama I experience or even observed in the fourth grade. Perhaps there was some, but as of right now I can’t remember any. I’m sure you’re reading this, wondering, what drama can 10-year-olds possibly have? I know that I’ve thought the same thing. But if you really look around, there is drama everywhere, and we actually love it!

Take a look at your DVR and you’ll see how much our culture loves drama. I trip out when I hear people aligning themselves with #TeamCookie and #TeamBooBoo, and I don’t even watch Empire. This is nothing new; remember Alexis and Krystle? That was over 30 years ago. As if that weren’t enough, we now add the influx of “reality” television, that depict the drama filled lives of the rich and famous. All of this drama lends me to believe, that most of it is so unnecessary.

A lot of the drama in our lives is the drama we create, or it is drama created for us. There have always been people in this world that “keep up mess”. If we were to be honest, there are people in our lives that we don’t like for stupid reasons. That’s drama we create. There are people you don’t like because someone else doesn’t like them. That’s  drama we create. There are people who you are “beefing” with, that you don’t even remember why. That’s drama we create.

Looking from the outside in, many of us can sense senseless drama; but we fail to recognize it in our own lives. We allow our emotions to get ahead of logic and reasoning, and once our feelings are in it, it becomes increasingly difficult to pull the reins on the subsequent drama. But let me encourage you:

  1. Consider the drama in your life.

    Take a look at the things that are stressing you out and getting on your nerves that can be easily solved, and do the work.

  2. Drop your pride and apologize.

    If you are at fault (or at least share it), go ahead and apologize. don’t wait for someone else to say “I’m sorry” first. Own your own behavior and be man or woman enough to admit you were wrong.

  3. Forgive quickly.

    Life is too short and precious to hold grudges. Don’t for one second think that they have to apologize for YOU to forgive. Again, own YOUR behavior and let it go.

  4. Don’t let yourself get sucked in.

    Stay neutral as much as possible, and don’t let other people’s drama affect you. I would even suggest you not choose sides on the TV drama (LOL, just a suggestion).

You can experience so much more joy and peace if you would just let go of all the drama we create. Sure there will be conflict, disappointment, and issues, but don’t add to it by feeding off the unnecessary stuff. Paul teaches us to think on these things: “the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse.” (Philippians 4:8b, The Message Bible)

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