Giving Won’t Break You (& 4 Other Things About Giving)

I know, I know … Whenever a preacher begins talking about giving, it makes people uncomfortable. Televangelists have made it difficult to have discussions about seed sowing or generosity, without someone thinking crookedly. However, generosity is a virtue we all admire, even if it is somewhat selfishly. This is especially true in the Christian context, because followers of Christ ofttimes desire to be more generous. So be sure, I’m not writing this blog to get anything from you.

Giving is so much more than money (though money is included). God’s concern is that we be generous, so listed below are 5 things you need to know about giving:

1. Nothing is your’s

Psalms 24:1 teaches us that everything belongs to God, which means nothing belongs to you. Now, I’m not suggesting that we not posses anything, because possession isn’t ownership. Possessing something that doesn’t belong to me, automatically makes me more careful. If we all can understand that one day God is going to pull up the record and question us about what we did with His stuff, we would be more apt to do what He wants with it.

2. Everything is a tool

Money, time, resources and energy are all tools at your disposal, and tools are the means to an end. No one will look to a hammer to make them happy. However, using the hammer to nail the nail that holds the picture of your family, leads to fulfillment. Holding on to money, time, resources and energy will never lead to any lasting joy, peace, happiness or fulfillment. Using them as the tools they are designed to be will ultimately bring us all that and more.

3. Giving won’t break you

Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” What wisdom and insight. Even as a teenager, she saw the truth of the statement attributed to Jesus, “…it is more blessed to give and to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

Giving places you on the elevated plane of blessings. Yes, receiving is a blessing, but if you are in a position to meet needs for someone else, this proves that you are already blessed. No purposeful giver will ever give so much away that their own needs won’t be met, because giving is literally lending to God (and we all know that loans are paid with interest). I tell people all the time, that giving is winning. You will never lose, carefully giving with the right perspective and attitudes.

4. Giving makes room

Whenever you give, whatever you give, this simply opens you up to receive again. Think about like this: we are all like cups and can only hold so much. If God has blessed us to be filled to the brim, then we no longer can receive from Him. But if we pour out, what has been poured in us, then we can receive whatever else He wants to give us.

Or consider your childhood dinners. Mom wouldn’t let you put dessert on your plate until you had eaten your meat and vegetables. There’s no need of giving you the sweet stuff until you have made room for it. Who would want apple pie sitting on top of meatloaf, anyway? Giving makes room for God to bless you again. Like I told you before, giving is winning.

5. Giving is from the heart

Giving and generosity is not so much about what you give, nor even the measure in which you give it. It is about why. Whenever we express generosity with those things that God has blessed us to possess, we show Him that He is what’s most important. We can never fully go after God clutching tight to things, so the ability to give generously shows the depth of your heart.

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