Read My Lips: No More Challenges

Apparently, over the last couple days, people all over social media have been participating in a poor man’s lip enhancement challenge, attributed to Kylie Jenner. The young socialite has definitely plumped up her lips, and someone had the bright idea of suctioning their lips in glass jars to emulate her look. Well, as you have probably seen, several have taken it to an injuring extreme. There have been many challenges passed around in the last couple years, some noble, most stupid; but this current ridiculousness leads me to cry out … ENOUGH!

1. We are a bunch of followers.

This is proof that crowds will follow foolishness. People routinely do things they see someone else do, especially if that someone else is famous. As it turns out, Kylie Jenner didn’t even originate the challenge, but because her name was attached to it, the foolishness spread. Everyone is not a leader, nor are all leaders are fit to lead. People need to understand that not everything is worth following, and even followers should exercise wisdom. Many times, that kind of wisdom is the courage to stand against trends, because popularity is not an indication of rightness.

2. Our competitiveness has gone too far.

The underlying goal of all these challenges is to see who does it better. The number of likes, shares, views and retweets are all things our social media culture uses to measure worth. Most of us engaged in social media are competing for the currency of attention, quietly comparing numbers. I believe this quest for being the best is endangering the of idea of embracing individual uniqueness. Being an individual means not being pressured to compare nor compete.

3. Image has become more valuable than truth

Suctioning your lips on a glass jar may temporarily plump your lips, but the truth is, that ain’t you. But the problem, as I see it, is that we don’t care. As a culture, we have been taught that embellishment is almost a virtue. And quite honestly, we talk out of both sides of our mouths on the issue. We will talk bad about magazines that airbrush, but then insult people for their imperfections. So as a result, we all angle and filter our pics to make ourselves look better than we do in reality. We will even go through painful processes to achieve an image, and all the while lacking substance and authenticity.

4. We are profoundly bored

To be truly honest, Truth or Dare is last-ditch game played to liven up a dying party. It is simply the result of having nothing better to do. One would think that with boom of technology and information readily available at the click of a few icons, we as a culture wouldn’t be so bored; but we are. It has been stated that the human attention span is growing shorter than that of goldfish. With all of the social problems that social media could aid in curing, we are so easily drawn away by ice buckets, twerking and lip challenges; as if we have nothing better to do.

5. None of these “challenges” are challenging

Anyone can pour a bucket of ice water over their heads, and the proof is that everyone did. All of us have suctioned our lips on a bottle or jar before. The things we call changes just aren’t challenging. What if we challenge people to consistently pray or meditate? What if we challenge people end hunger or human trafficking? What if we challenge people to be sexually pure as opposed to sexually responsible? Oh yeah … that wouldn’t get likes …

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*Featured Image includes graphic by Alejandra Aristizabal at in “The Horrifying Science Behind The Kylie Jenner Challenge” by Cleo Stiller, © 2015

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