From Rhetoric to Solutions

In the wake of tragedy, we can always be found discussing what happened, why it happened, and who is at fault. It’s human nature to examine problems and find causes. But the key component that we don’t always include are solutions. There is a lot of needed discussion around the topics race relations and police brutality, but I believe the only reason there is violence in the streets is because we aren’t moving quickly enough to solutions that could actually fix the problems. People are tired of talking heads and sound bites. Everyone who has answers, may not really have solutions; so how do we move from rhetoric to solutions? How can you help prevent a Baltimore or Ferguson (or now Dallas, as of 7/7/16) from happening in Your City, USA? 5 Things are needed:

1. God (and His Kingdom)

The problems of our society are way too complex for any of us to fix on our own. We are too short-sighted and impatient to make any real progress, because emotions and pride get in our way. So, those who trust in God and believe in His Kingdom (or ways of operating), must sincerely pray, individually and collectively, to seek His wisdom for what to do next.

2. The Church

First, we have to acknowledge the fact that we are ONE CHURCH with many expressions. Regardless of our differences, the church that Christ established should not be divided. So let us put aside the differences of policy and practice to pursue our purpose: the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Secondly, we have to acknowledge the social problems. If we are one church, then the white brothers and sisters should see, and feel the plight of the black and brown brothers and sisters. No longer can we ignore the cries of the hurting, forget the pain of the suffering. Yes foreign missions are important, but not at the expense of the mission field in our backyard. Until THE CHURCH is willing to honestly address THE PROBLEM head on, the society will never hear THE TRUTH.

3. Leadership

With every major change or course of action in scripture, God raised up leadership. Noah, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, David, Elijah, and even Jesus are all examples of fresh voices that emerged to bring about change in a culture. Unfortunately, since the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, America has been searching for that national voice, and individuals have been vying to replace it. While, I’m aware there is no clear, national leadership, I am certain there are leaders in every city and every community that can facilitate change where they are. If you are such a leader, stand up and get to work.

4. Humility

Everybody with a Facebook account has an idea, and every person with Twitter has an answer, but if God raises up a voice (or even a group of voices), let’s not buck them, let’s learn to follow the leader. You don’t have to be in front to make an impact. There is no time now for worrying about whose picture will be in the paper, or who will get the credit. Let God use us all and let Him get the glory.

5. Cooperation

If THE CHURCH in every community in America would united, and then cooperate with other cultural entities in the community, be they religious, civic, social, or governmental organizations, real change can happen. We won’t necessarily see radical progress nationally, but it is the local policies and practices that will matriculate change nationally and globally.

Your community needs to come together and be proactive. Let’s not wait for another Ferguson, NYC, Baltimore, or Dallas to gather at the table. We have to be willing to answer the tough questions, address the hard issues, and do something about them. When all we are able to produce is “hot air”, we essentially choke out the solutions. It is time that we stop talking about change and actually be about change.

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Please share some ways you will commit to bringing about real constructive change in your community. Also, feel free to share this article with your family, friends and social media to help spread this encouragement.  Thank you for reading!



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