That’s Favor Too: 5 Unconventional Examples of God’s Favor on My Life

God’s favor isn’t just reflected in my net worth, or the car I drive, or the neighborhood I live in. For far too long, we have equated the favor of God, with the ease of living. When the lead apostle, Paul, found himself with a painful circumstance in his life, for which He prayed to God continuously to remove. God finally responds that “my grace (unmerited favor) is all you need.” (2 Corinthians 12:9, New Living Translation)

In other words, the favor of God is not always obviously seen. Here are 5 unconventional examples of the favor of God on my life.

1. I am the pastor of an extremely small church

The Kingdom Church is not mega by anyone’s standards, we are just a handful of people who desire to build other people. We have never experienced the explosive growth you hear about on TBN, but our church is making some major impact in our city and abroad. God has continually shown His favor on us by touching and changing lives through our programs and events. So much so that people tend to think our church is much larger that what we are.

2.  I got fired.

I am a bi-vocational pastor, meaning I work a “regular” full-time job as well as my duties as the church’s shepherd. Last year I was fired from my job of almost 7 years, and lost my more than decent wage and my excellent benefits. While I was devastated, God granted me the favor to work with students at a young age, being a mentor and positive male figure for a vast array of children from all varieties of circumstances. I have never felt such fulfillment in my “regular” employment, like I do now!

3.  I don’t earn much money.

My mom always told me, never work in education if you’re trying to make money. I am by no means a baller, or shot caller, but God has remained financially faithful to my family. Most people think we have more money than we really do, and it isn’t because we live extravagantly. We live a simple life, in a decent home, driving a modest vehicle; yet the favor of God projects the true prosperity we experience (that is to say the provision of Almighty God).

 4. I am allergic to penicillin.

A few years ago I got sick with strep. It wasn’t a big deal. I took the medicine they prescribed and went home. But things got worse. My body began to shut down, I was hypersensitive to light as if I was going blind. I could hold down any food or fluids, and lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks. I was going in to full renal (kidney) failure, and the doctors were baffled. After spending about a week in the hospital, my wife noticed that i would be my weakest after my dosage of penicillin, and as it turned out I am allergic. That is the extent of my health problems. God has been faithful to me that I haven’t had to deal with a lot of heath issues, though at my size and with my family history, things should be different.

5.  My life is “boring”.

I know that in my last post, I talked about how a life of faith is an adventure; so please don’t think I’m mincing my words here. Yesterday, my kids went to the movies with their Nana and decided to go grocery shopping while they were gone. I ran into someone I knew and was asked, since I had some “me time” what I was going to do with my day. I said, “you’re looking at it.”

Their response was, “That’s it? BORING!”

I’m not jet setting all around the globe, chasing a thrill. I may not be “living it up, in the lap of luxury,” but my life is good. I thank God for the privilege to lead my family, serve my church and walk out my calling without having to choose one over the other. While some may see it as boring, I see it as a blessing.

So regardless of your situation, be encouraged because you just may have more favor than you think. God has built you for this!

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