Now That’s Sexy (Real Relationship Goals)

A few years back, I got sick. I had a fever that wouldn’t go down and was very weak. So with it being the weekend, we took a trip to the ER and found out I had strep. No big deal … so they prescribed me penicillin and sent me home. I was expecting to start feeling better but things actually got worse. I kept the fever, and started throwing up. I couldn’t keep anything down, and to be honest, it was the worst I had ever felt. I got so bad, we had to trek right back to the ER. After spending a day in the hospital for observation and not really knowing what was going on, they sent me back home and instructed me to continue taking the penicillin and gave me some more meds. Here I am, at my worse, sick as a dog (whatever that means) and my beautiful wife does the absolute sexiest thing …..

She gives me a sepository!

Yes that’s right … she administered a sepository and that was very sexy to me! Im sure you’re asking yourself, “what’s wrong with this guy? There is nothing sexy about that!”

For too long, we have bought into the idea that love and sex appeal is only beautiful and sultry. Like every couple has a 9 1/2 weeks experience. People flock to things like 50 Shades, Magic Mike and Chocolate City, full of images of intense sexual encounters, and we are told THAT is sexy. I see people declare their relationship goals in social media, using pictures of physically fit, beautiful people, with a more than reasonable amount of money (seen through their cars, houses and sometimes even stacks of cash).  And I’m here to tell you, for the average person, these goals will remain in a fantasy world. People in the “real world”, who go to work everyday will rarely, if ever, have the glamorous sexy life.

But I’ve learned that a great relationship isn’t a production. Real relationships won’t have perfect lighting. He won’t always be suave and sophisticated. She won’t always be sensual and seductive. Especially in marriage. The best relationship goals are when you see each other at your worst, when you’re being goofy, when you’re are awkward, even when you’re being kinda gross, you still want each other. Now thats’s sexy!

Shout out BuzzFeed Video for inspiring this blog with the following video:

Published 11/15/14
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