What Will Matter Most

When you get to the end of your life, you won’t give a second thought to the things you bought today. It won’t matter whether or not you have the coolest cell phone, or the finest car. The size of your house, or the sheen on your boat, won’t even register. What will matter most, is people and not what you possess.

You will want to make amends. We have all hurt, disappointed, and upset people, and we will want to say I’m sorry. In the same token we will want to forgive. For so many people, grudges are prized possessions. We tend to pet and caudle our ill feelings, not willing to give them up for anything. Holding a grudge won’t matter anymore, because what matters most is people.

You will want to show as much love as possible. We will find the words that so easily escape us now. It’s funny how we feel things that can’t be uttered, and we take for granted those that mean most. We assume that people know, but once we get to the end of our lives, we want to make sure. We want to be certain that people know just how much they are loved by us. What really matters most, is people.

We live in a culture that values things, talents and gifts, while simultaneously neglecting people. Most people in our society, will spend the better balance of their lives pursuing possessions and passing over people. Sure, we say we love things, but can we really? Can things receive our love? Or perhaps the better question is can those things reciprocate that love? The final answer is no.

God gave the first man every”thing” he needed: a home, food, a job. God even gave him calling and a purpose. But after all that God knew that having every”thing” means nothing without having some”one”! God knew that without “someone”, “everything” has no value. He understands our callings and our purpose are only complete in “someone”. So God said,  “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a (companion) suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18, New American Standard Bible)

What matters most, is people. If this be true, then let’s not wait till the end of our lives to express our love. Don’t wait until the end to ask, forgive me. Don’t wait until the end to proclaim, I forgive you. Do it now, and don’t waste this opportunity to truly experience in fullness, what matters most.

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