It’s Tricky

I can remember as a young musician, watching some of the most amazing organists and keyboardists play. I would watch their fingers and listen to the chord changes, in awe of the sound produced. After playing music for a while, I had somewhat of an understanding of some music theory; so I would assume that I could easily figure out what they did to sound so good. But without fail, I would go home, sit at my keyboard and sound a hot mess. Lesson learned? People who are good at what they do make it look so easy, when in reality it is not.

There is an art to being you, and though it may seem easy to others, you know the whole story. You know every pain endured, even when you never let anyone see you cry. You know the many heart breaks you faced, even when everyone else thought you were ok. You were there for every hour you spent learning your craft and perfecting your gift, while everyone else only saw “the show”. You make it look easy, but there is an art to being you; and like rapper David Banner once said, “…if everyone could do it, it wouldn’t be art.”

Acts, chapter 8, tells of a man named Simon. He was something of a street magician, who had dazzled the people in Samaria for a while. After hearing the Gospel, Simon professed faith in Jesus and was baptized, following the Apostle Phillip. Of course he was a witness to the miracles, signs and wonders wrought at the hands of the men of God. Seeing this aroused a desire for their power, which only made sense, because before the Apostles came, he was the most “powerful” man around. So he approaches Peter with a proposition. He offers them money, saying, “Give this authority to me as well, so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” (v. 19, NASB)

You see? Simon witnessed the power of God working through these men; and because he dabbled in something that appeared supernatural, he thought it would be easy just to be like the Apostles. Being used of God is a noble desire, but Simon, like so many of us, had the wrong motives. He wanted that power because he thought it would be easy for him, not because it was God’s will.wpid-wp-1444318497209.jpeg

Don’t be like Simon. God has given you the grace to only be you. Looking at someone else’s gift, or call, or assignment, and desiring it for yourself is literally a waste of time, and may even become more of a burden that will eventually consume you. God knows what He wants for you, and THAT should be your desire for yourself. Going where you have to go, doing what you have to do, working what you have to work, and suffering what you have to suffer is worth it when you are walking in your assigned purpose. When you do what God has designed for you to do, and become what God created you to be, you will certainly inspire, bless and motivate others. It may be tricky for you, but to others it will look easy.

*S/O to Pastor Kaderick Jones, New Perspective Christian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, who was in the same vein this morning!

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“It’s Tricky”, written by Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, Doug Fieger, and Berton Averre. Produced by Rick Rubin. Performed by RUN DMC, released 1987.

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