The 400 Meters: You’re Still A Winner

The following is a short story written by my youngest son, who at the time was a ten-year-old fourth grader. The message is encouraging, so I would like to share it with you :

It was a very, very hot day. There were no birds, bees, or wasps. The sun felt like it was my winter’s coat. I was about to get on the field, then the guy behind me tapped my shoulder. “Good luck” he said.

Right before I was going to say thank you, he said, “But I don’t need it” and then he smiled. That made me want to beat him up. Then we walked to the track.

I got in my position. My coach walked up to the pedestal with a blinding smile. “Ready!” He put the gun up. “Set,” then he put his hand on the trigger. I flinched, so he had to start over. Then POW, the gun fired!

I took off. At first I was off to a good start, then Mister “I’m too cool”, got in front of me, so I picked up the pace. Then SMACK! I fell down. OH MY GOSH!, I thought.

I got back up, finished the race with my head up, when I (really) felt like crying. I finished last! After that my dad hugged me and asked me if I was ok, and we left the field.

Then I thought, why when you try your hardest, you never make it? 3 years later, I still haven’t found the answer … until now. So you can learn the lesson of never giving up, and you might lose; but you’re still a winner!

If a ten-year-old can learn the lesson of winning despite falling, despite finishing last, and despite the taunts of his adversaries, surly you and I can! BE ENCOURAGED, BECAUSE YOU’RE STILL A WINNER!

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