No Guarantees

I’m from Texas, and in Texas, ice cream is Blue Bell. It has been a staple for as long as I can remember. I would have never believed that we would have to be without Blue Bell for most of 2015, because it is a staple. Today marks the return of Blue Bell to Texas, and I can’t wait to get my half-gallon of Homemade Vanilla and Cookies and Cream. I would normally wait for a sale, but being without it for so long has made me understand just how much I’ve taken Blue Bell for granted.

I know, I know … Most people across the country are saying, “but dude, it’s just ice cream”. But as a proud Texan, I understand the value and rich tradition of this statewide staple. What’s next? Whataburger closings? God forbid!

As silly as this may sound to some of you, Blue Bell and Whataburger are Texas traditions that some Texans, like me, take for granted. Both the gold-rimmed ice cream and the biggest burger in the land come at a price. They are generally more expensive than their competition, and are consistently worth every cent. But because of the price I have to pay, I would pass them by for a cheaper, immediate gratification. Sure a McDouble® is ok, but it pales in comparison to a juicy double whataburger. If I were willing to pay the price I could get exactly what I really wanted.

Far too often we settle for cheap imitations of what we really want relationally, spiritually, and even financially. We often do this looking for immediate accessibility, but most of everything we really want out of life is NOT immediately accessible. There is usually a price to pay or a seed to sow, but most of us aren’t willing to do that in order to get what we want.  But let me warn you, there will come a time when want you want, be it relationally, spiritually, or financially, will no longer be available to you. You are going to wish you had paid the price. You’re going to yearn for the opportunity to sow the seed, but it will be too late.

Life has no guarantees, short of one. If you live, you will surely die. Everything else is a crapshoot. You owe it to yourself to go after the things you REALLY want! If you want a succesful relationship, there is both a price to pay and a seed to sow. Don’t settle for superficial acquaintances, and social media. GO AFTER IT! If you want financial freedom or entrepreneurial success, there is both a price to pay and seed to sow. Don’t settle for a 9 to 5, when there is a business inside of you. GO AFTER IT! If you want to know God and to benefit from being in His Kingdom, (yes,salvation is free) but there is a price to pay and a seed to sow. Don’t settle for empty religion or powerless spirituality. GO AFTER HIM!!

You cannot have your Blue Bell and eat it too. Pay the price … Sow the seed …. Go after it … before it is too late. “We must work the works of Him who sent Me (while we can; because a time) is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4, NASB)

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