I’m Dreamin’

Don’t you just hate waking up from a good dream? I mean, sleeping good … over in La La Land and here come some loud child or stupid alarm clock snatching you out of your fantasy. It is not a good feeling. One thing I hate is waking up out of a great dream and it’s not even time to get up yet. That’s the worst. Just let me sleep! 

Unfortunately, none of us can afford to dream our lives away, because the real world needs us. As great as it would be to have all of my wishes and desires fulfilled in Dreamworld, the reality is that I need to wake up!

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with dreaming. Dr. King had one. Oftentimes, dreams can lay out a blueprint for our vision, offering a glimpse of what could be. God can even use a dream to speak to us, giving us direction. Dreaming can actually be a great thing, but one problem remains for dreamers. They are asleep. Eventually, dreamers have to wake up and do something.

At what point does one’s desired dream become a damaging delusion? Like the 50-year-old rapper hustling mixtapes at the gas station, still hoping to break into the music business. Or what about the 37-year-old dude who still shows up to the neighborhood basketball court, swearing he can still go pro; but he has two bum knees. What about the lady who still thinks she is the same type of fine at 62 as she was at 26. Am I saying a 50-year-old can’t rap? Nope, because Kool Moe Dee still kills the stage. Am I saying that a 37-year-old dude with bum knees can’t ball? Nope, because Kobe can still outrun most of us on the court. Am I saying a 62 year old woman can’t be fine? Nope, because I still think Chaka Khan is …. (well, nevermind). My point is, at some point you have to come to reality.

Sitting around wishing and dreaming is fine to a point, but the real world awaits you. If you would just wake up and engage in it, you may be surprised with what you accomplish. If you would just wake up and do something with what you have, because someone needs exactly what you have to offer. If you would just wake up and pursue what you envision, you just may make all those dream come true.  Turn your dreamin’ into doin’!

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“I’m Deamin’” was written and produced by Stanley Brown. Performed by Christopher Williams. Released 1991

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