Bust A Move

This year is almost over and you still haven’t pursued that dream. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and contemplating it, but you have yet to reach for that goal. The research is done, and you’ve even prayed about it, but you are no closer to fulfilling that destiny. What are you waiting for? Bust a move!

No one gets credit for desiring to be or do anything, and aspirations only count when there is corresponding action. I admire people with big dreams and goals, but even more than that, those who have a plan and execute it. Too many of us allow our fears and weaknesses to hold us back, never realizing that we hold our own power to change things in our lives. So it is up to us to bust a move.

Peter was with the disciples in the boat as a huge storm was passing over head. They were waiting for Jesus to come and join them, but the conditions around them became so chaotic that it forced them into an uncomfortable situation. As they were in the middle of the sea, someone looked out on the water to see figure which seemed to be walking towards them on the water. Someone said that it must be a ghost, because it is impossible for a man to walk on water.

This impossibility must have sparked faith in Peter, because he cries out to the figure, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” (Matthew 14:28, New American Standard Bible)

This faith that was sparked in Peter, must have reminded him of the five thousand people Jesus fed, with two fish and 5 pieces of bread. Peter must have remembered Jesus turning water in to wine. Peter must have quickly thought ab out the paralytic man who Jesus raised up, commanding him to take up his bed and walk. Something sparked in him, because all Jesus had to say was, “COME,” and Peter was able to bust a move.

I pray that you remember that same God who worked miracles in the bible, and who placed favor on the lives of the people in those stories; that same God is in your corner. He is bidding you to come, inviting you to greatness, and positioning you to do the impossible. He is literally saying, if  you want it, you got it; but it is up to YOU to BUST A MOVE!

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“Bust A Move’” was written by Marvin Young, Matt Dike, and Michael Ross. Produced by Matt Dike, and Michael Ross. Performed by Young MC. Released 1989.


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