Tell It Yourself

Believe it or not, your testimony has power. It is a powerful tool to aid you in your own deliverance from guilt and shame, as well as strengthening someone elses faith. God has done a mighty work for you and in you, but your witness to His power, has power itself. Unfortunately, too many people sit on their testimonies, allowing others to form their own ideas of what God has done.

Whenever you don’t share your testimony, people will create their own version of your deliverance, or blessing, or miracle. Those who speak on your testimony, will often neglect to accurately glorify God, because only you know the weight of what He did for you. In other words, the older saints would say it like this, you can’t tell it; let me tell it! It is vitally important that you tell it yourself!

Jesus comes across a man who was blind from birth (John 9), and clues us in to the fact that His condition was predestined to glorify God through His Son (9:3). So Jesus, spits on the ground and makes clay from the wet dirt, and anoints the man’s eyes, then instructs him to go to a certain pool and clean himself. (9:6-7). At the hand and Word of Jesus this man receives his sight. The most interesting part of this story was the fact that the scribes, pharisees wanted to manipulate the news. They ask the man how he received his sight, so he told them what Jesus did. Not satisfied, they then went to the man’s parents to inquire how he received his sight, but that responded, “…he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.” Not once, but twice this is recorded in scripture, in verse 21 and 23. So again, they called the man, perhaps thinking he would be intimidated to change his story. But once again, he accurately glorifies God and His Son for healing him of his blindness.

Just like the pharisees in this story, there are people who want to discredit your miracles and make people believe that it didn’t happen the way God designed for it to happen. But you, my friend, have a responsibility to tell it yourself. Share your testimony, it has more power than you realize. Because what you speak just may give someone else the faith to receive their own blessing, favor or miracle from God.

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