I’m Ready

Everyone is not ambitious. Some of us are quite content doing what we’re doing, and aren’t looking for anything spectacular in return. There are plenty of us who aren’t gunning for that big break. Not everyone is trying to “blow up” or get rich. Many are just wanting a good, happy life, and the ability to provide and take care of our families.

But then, here comes destiny; presenting you with a huge opportunity to do something life changing.

You’re reluctant to answer the call, and you shy away from it. Some of you even allow some opportunities to pass you by. However, in my own life, I’ve learned that destiny doesn’t give up. Your destiny has a way of chasing you down, and not letting up until you finally say, “I’m ready”.

One of my favorite Bible characters was just like this. We find Gideon, in Judges 6, hiding in a wine-press, threshing wheat. All of a sudden an angel appears, and refers to Gideon as a mighty man (v. 12), assuring him that God was with him, and has empowered him to overtake his enemy. Like many of us, Gideon wasn’t convinced at the word of God.

I admire those who hear from God, and hit the ground running. That kind of faith eludes even me. I, like Gideon, and perhaps like you, have questions and need answers. I, like Gideon, and perhaps like you, need some sort of reassurance that this is the path for me. I, like Gideon, and perhaps like you, must put God to the test; just to be certain that this is truly destiny.

But Gideon finally came to the place, where I am today, to be able to say, “I’m ready!” God is faithful, and He will never leave you or throw you away. He has put you on a collision course with your destiny, because He has a plan for you. He is waiting patiently and graciously, just simply wanting to hear you say those two words, “I’m ready”.

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“I’m Ready’” was written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Produced by Kenneth Edmonds and Darryl Simmons. Performed by Tevin Campbell. Released 1993.


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