POP UPS (5 Things That Steal Your Focus)

We are all far too familiar with pop ups: those annoying little things, that come out of nowhere, while we surf the web. Advertisers seek to grab your attention, if even for a moment, in order to sell you their services or products. So they created these pop ups to appear in the places of your interest, in the hopes that you will be distracted enough to engage in their presentation.

Real life is not devoid of mental, emotional and spiritual pop ups. These real life distractions are imposed on us, to rob us of our focus and keep us fixated on trivial things. If we engage too often or for too long, we can miss the crucial collisions of destiny and opportunity. So we have to set our guard and block these pop ups. Here are 5 things that routinely come to steal your focus:

1. Insecurity

Insecurity is exaggerated weakness. Perceived, and sometimes even real weakness takes hold of your thoughts, and begin to scream louder than your possibilities and promises. However, these weaknesses, whether the product of comparison or low self-worth, are nothing but a distraction. Think about it. The thing you are least confident about, more than likely has no bearing on your direction or destiny. Don’t allow the pop up of insecurity stop you from walking out your purpose.

2. Speculation

He said, she said, they say and they think. We tend to overly concern ourselves with the thoughts of others, when honestly we can’t control what people think. Truth be told, there will always be someone who thinks negatively about you, so you can go ahead and take that concern off the table. But, don’t let the speculations of who and what “they” think knock you off course.

3. Lust

At the risk of sounding old school, lust is the base desires of your flesh. These lusts are like an itch. They pull you immediate attention and are usually insatiable. In other words, we tend to rush to quench a thirst that will never be satisfied. These appetites are dangerous because they are usually a revolving door, so we waste our time feeding something that will never be full. Don’t allow the immediacy of your fleshful lust, derail your ultimate longing.

4. Laziness

I don’t believe anyone plans to be lazy, it happens in the moment. We make grand plans to do big things, but when it comes down to it, we talk ourselves out of the necessary work to get it done. Every goal you set requires effort and discipline. Don’t allow the pop up of laziness lull you into a trance of  dormancy.

5. Boredom

Boredom is the absence of purpose. Too many of us waste our days away with boredom because we have allowed our purpose to be suck up, creating a void of idleness just right for boredom to pop up its head. Whenever we find ourselves bored we will occupy ourselves with the silliest things, that add no value. I mean really, how much has Candy Crush enhanced your life?

Your focus is far to valuable to succumb to the viral nature of destiny killers, that set themselves and spread through your very soul. Put up the firewalls of purpose and possibility, and protect yourself from the ultimate crash.

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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