Home run!


Athletes understand, there is this huge sense of euphoria when you finally make it! Crossing over that goal line, or watching the ball fly over the fence fills your heart with joy and excitement. The kind of excitement that will make you run to the center of a soccer field with your shirt off, or willingly allow someone to spray you with champagne, getting your $200 sneakers soaking wet. 

Achievement is one of the greatest feelings ever, but it doesn’t come be happenstance. Getting this feeling is the result of several steps:

  1. It all begins with a vision. A vision is greater than an idea, in that it compels you. More times than not, a vision won’t let you rest until you have done something; while ideas are fleeting. You will have a million ideas between today and next week, but a vision will linger until you at least try.

  2. Don’t neglect training. Being talented doesn’t exempt anyone from training and practice, because they perfect your talent. Training and practice allows you to mess up and work out your kinks in private, and not in the game, or on the big stage. This also helps you to relax when it’s time perform.

  3. Submit yourself to coaching or mentorship. Everyone needs someone to watch them objectively, to help them with the things they can’t see themselves. This is where coaches and mentors come in. They may not have been the best player of the game, but they can see you clearly. They will help you with all the things in your blind spots, that will perfect your talent.

  4. Always pray. God is the one who gave you that vision, and the strength to pursue. Don’t EVER leave Him out of the equation.

  5. Execute! Just go for it, and pursue with confidence. There are a lot of people who talk about it, and even a few more that get the ball rolling. But you will be one of the few who follow through. You can never win without taking the field!

It’s your time. It’s your turn. Get up! It doesn’t matter what your vision is, or what your goals are, you can do it! And if follow these steps, before you know it you’ll be singing “FINALLY IT HAS HAPPENED FOR ME!”

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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“Finally” was written by Cecilia Peniston, Felipe Delgado, Rodney K. Jackson, and Elbert Lee Linnear . Produced by Felipe Delgado, Rodney Jackson; David Morales and Philip Kelsey. Performed by Cece Peniston. Released 1991

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