Nuttin’ But Love

It has been said, that everybody plays the fool sometimes, and apparently, there is no exception to the rule. Users are always on the prowl, seeking to take someone on an emotional ride, for the sake of gaining something. I remember my dad once paid a guy, who had been a trusted handyman for a little while, to do some major work. That dude disappeared with a quickness, and my dad was so hot about it, that he was ready to pay the thugs at the junkyard to find him and release the wrath of Khan on him. For my dad, it wasn’t so much about the money, but it was the fact that he was taken by someone he had trusted. 

I read yesterday, on Instagram, “the desire of love is to give; the desire of lust is to get.” This is a true statement. The lustful prey on the loving, and unfortunately most of us have played both positions. We are born with this relational dichotomy . On one hand we’re selfish, desiring to keep all we have (and all we can get) to ourselves; while on the other hand, possessing a deep seeded need to love others. More times than not, we don’t even realize that we’re using people, but there is absolutely no way to love selfishly. It is an oxymoron.

The challenge is to abandon the desire to get, leaving only the desire to give. Yes, we all have legitimate needs that have to be met, but those needs cannot be your focus. If your motivation is nothing but love, and their motivation is nothing but love, everyone’s needs would be met. I know that this concept may sound a bit ideal, or unrealistic, but this is God’s way.

The Apostle Paul teaches, in 1 Corinthians 13, that possessing all manner of things, physical or abstract, are incomparable to the desire to love (v. 1). Being gifted, naturally or spiritually, means nothing without love (v. 2). Giving greatly, but with a hidden motive or agenda, is in no wise rewarding like love (v. 3).  He goes on to describe the selfless nature of love, and it’s ability to overcome anything (vs. 4-10).

We are limited, but love is unlimited. Our understanding of God’s will and plan, for now, can only be understood in part; so we have to lend ourselves to the device of trust. Along the way, will be disappointed, hurt, used, and abused; because people are yet selfish. However, at the centerpiece of God’s will and plan, is still love. So regardless of the pain, frustration, and humiliation people put us through, or we put others through, God help us to still say, “I got nuttin’ but love for you…”

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“Nuttin’ But Love” was written by Dwight Meyers, David Love, and Bob James. Produced by Kid Capri & Heavy D. Performed by Heavy D & The Boyz. Released 1994.

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