Say what you want about Beyonce’s new song, “Formation”, but in it she embodies a character trait most of us, in the Western world, lack: work ethic. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that celebrates and wonders at the spoils of success, rather than a work ethic and sense of purpose that gets one there. “I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it, I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it.”  Insteas we have become spoiled by the spoils, causing us to want the stuff devoid of any work to get it.

Many from my parents’ generation, the baby boomers, call us the microwave generation; which is pretty accurate. I would add to that the drive thru, wifi, drag & drop generation. We are so accustomed to having it our way, thanks in part to Burger King, and having it quickly, that we tend to have no regard for the work it takes to get us what we want. We, as a culture (me included), are guilty of cultural gluttony; wanting it all, and wanting now.

If I could stick with the food analogy for a moment, many of us are leading unhealthy lives because we are eating food we didn’t work to get. In the Netflix documentary, “COOKED”, food industry expert, Harry Balzer says something so profound that it is deeper than, perhaps even he realized.He said, “Eat all you want. Enjoy all your food. Have the apple pie and ice cream. I’ll even allow you to have the cookies, all tonight; but you have to do just one thing. Make it all yourself.”

That statement is much deeper than food. Here is what I get from it: There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging and enjoying anything, but you do nothing but create other problems when you shortcut your way to what you want. In other words, being spoiled on the spoils of success, will ultimately make you sick, but a work ethic and sense of purpose will always be the healthiest way to get all that you want. What you will discover along the way, is that there are many things that you want, but really don’t need.

So, let me encourage you from the wisdom of Bey to the practical application of Harry Balzer, buckle down, create your own success and then enjoy it.

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