Life Is Not A Game : 5 Reasons NOT To Compete

Since the untimely death of the musical icon, Prince, last week, there has been usual comparison talk. Who was a better dancer, Prince or Micheal Jackson? Who was a greater songwriter, Prince or David Bowie? Who was the best entertainer? I heard it all weekend? Why do we do this? Why do we reduce the lives of great people down to a competition, as if it isn’t enough to be great in one’s own right? Competition has its place, competing in life is ultimately unproductive. Here are 5 reasons NOT to compete in life:

  1. Life is not a game. Competition is the pursuit of a singular goal that can not be shared by two parties. In games, whether they be recreational sports, or strategic card or board games, there can only be ONE final winner. Even if you have to spread the “wins, losses and ties” over time, there can only be one! However, in life, everyone can win. No one has to be threatened by the good fortune, or reciprocal rewards of others; as long as you remain focused on your goals.

  2. Competition is restrictive. In every game there are limits, boundaries, and rules to keep the playing field level. In life, there is no time clock; there are no referees. You final trajectory isn’t restricted to any deadlines, nor is it determined by the oversight of any other person (other than God, Himself). When you’re not competing with others, you are free to go as far as you can.

  3. Competition robs your focus. Whenever you’re playing a game, your focus is your opponent. Out playing them, out maneuvering, and out performing THEM. While this is necessary for basketball and chess, it is completely unneccessary for life. It is in your best interest, to keep your eyes off others, and focus on yourself, your goals, and your purpose.

  4. “There is no win in comparison.” Pastor, and leadership guru, Andy Stanley changed my life with these words. Whenever you set yourself in the trap of comparison and competition, you will always come up short in some way. So then, comparing people is really never a true competition; it will always be an apples to oranges situation. Which is the better fruit, is a question that is impossible to answer. So it bears repeating: There is no win in comparison!

  5. God doesn’t judge us that way. While life is not a game, there IS a score card. God is watching and He is keeping the score. When you stand before Him, He will be bringing anyone else up, He will only be interested in you. He won’t ask why you did or didn’t do anything better or worse than anyone. He will describe your life in terms ending with “er” or “est”, but you will give account of the gifts, talents, and callings that He put in you. The only thing He will be interested in, is you doing HIS will and fulfilling HIS plans and purposes for you.

So while people want to rope you into a life competition, don’t play yourself. Be wise enough to understand that life isn’t a game, and refuse to reduce yourself to that level. Greatness is found everywhere there is focus and discipline. If you stay focused and discipline yourself to walk in your own greatness, no one will ever be able to take that from you!

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