‘Lil Reminders

As a minister of the Gospel and a pastor for God’s people, I am often called upon to offer words of insight or encouragement at the drop of a hat. There is so much in the world designed to keep us down. Like Jonathan McReynolds says in his song, “Pressure”, you can even turn on your phone without being reminded of the lie, that you are alone, broken and unsuccessful. And you can’t always turn to people and friends, because they have expectations that you may (or may not) be living up to.

We all have days when we are feeling low, and need to hear an encouraging word; even the “best” of us. It is so easy to lock ourselves into relational expectations, where people who have always been strong are expected to always “BE STRONG,” but that’s not always the case. The ones you look to for guidance, uplifting and encouragement, may one day need the same from you.

I had a few days where I needed some encouragement (you know, unsolicited), and I was given a few ‘lil reminders that I’m on the right road; following the right path. God let me know that even when I’m disappointed with where I am and with the impact (or lack thereof) I’m making, He is yet pleased. He reminded me that popularity is not the measuring stick of purpose.  He reminded me that my willingness to operate in the gifts He has given to me, is far more valuable than copying a gift He gave to someone else.

In the smallest ways, and in the simplest forms God makes sure to send us ‘lil reminders to comfort, encourage and even to redirect us. He will send them right when we need them most, so that we can know that He hasn’t left us, nor has He forgotten us. It is up to us to listen.

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