We Can’t Be Friends


For far too many of us, it is really difficult to get rid of failure. It seems like out of nowhere failure showed up. It was unexpected, and uninvited. I wasn’t prepared for its arrival, because I was all set for a visit from success. But apparently failure got to me first, and sent success away.  

Unfortunately, failure never comes alone. Once failure was through the door, here comes disappointment and guilt right behind. And here we are; they made themselves at home. They didn’t seem to care, at all, how uncomfortable they made me feel. They just stayed around. One day, I thought that I had gotten rid of them, but then I went by Mother’s and saw them there! They just refused to shake loose.

It almost seemed as if I wanted them around, because I looked up and they were gone. But I was stupid, and went looking for them; trying to figure out where they went. Why did I do that? For whatever the reason, I can’t get them to stay way. Verbally, we agreed it was over, and we were through; but I’m trying to compose myself because I just can’t seem to get over …. (sigh).

If this sounds like you, and your unhealthy relationship with your failure, you just have to come to the place to say, “WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS.”

Yes, that failure is yours, and you owned up to it. Yes, you took responsibility for it, and even dealt with the disappointment and guilt that came along with it. But you have to let it all go. Please know that you are not defined by what you possess. That’s true for your house, your car, your job, your bank account, and yes … even your failures. You are NOT defined by what you possess. Don’t be so comfortable with your failures, that you go looking for them, when they no longer have a place in your life. Tell your failures, “WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS.”

Escort failure, disappointment, and guilt to the door. Bid them adieu. You have no time to entertain them, because you have to make room for opportunity and success. Try to think of it as just another thing in your past that didn’t last. It really IS just that simple.

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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“We Can’t be Friends” was written by Anthony Crawford, Jimmy Russell. Produced by Anthony Crawford. Performed by Deborah Cox featuring R.L. Released 1999.


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