Stop Focusing On Who You’re Not

I am an introvert; true blue. While I’m a very social person; I enjoy being around and interacting with people, it is simultaneously draining for me. So this causes me to be more reserved, and not very outgoing. While I may have some dynamic qualities, I don’t feel like I’m very charismatic at all. So when God called me into ministry 17 years ago it really took me aback. My father is a preacher, pastor, and very influential spiritual leader, who has an infectious charisma that few aren’t instantly drawn to. His example set the bar really high for me, especially when I’m nothing like him (in that manner).

So while feeling this pull to operate in public ministry, using speaking gifts, I asked myself (and GOD) 3 questions:

  1. Why me? Who am I to get up in front of people and start talking? I’m a nobody, and if people think I am somebody, it’s only by association. Why me? Now I understand that everybody is a nobody until they realize they’re somebody, so why not me? God made no mistakes when He made me, so why wouldn’t His call be right and good? Why not me?

  2. Who would listen? I’m no Martin Luther King, or TD Jakes, or Billy Graham, so why would anyone listen to me? I don’t have the gift of gab, or the ability to preach with fire and passion, like my dad. I don’t have the ability to excite a crowd, so who’s going to listen? Now I understand that no one is listening to a man who is silent, so why wouldn’t they listen? God has given me something to say, because there is obviously someone who needs to hear it. Why wouldn’t they listen?

  3. Who would follow me? Being a preacher requires leadership, and I’m no great wonder; so who would follow me? I lack the ability to engage people the way my dad does, causing lots of people to want to follow him; so who would follow me? Now I understand that no one can follow a man going nowhere, so why wouldn’t they follow me? There are people who are looking for the very thing that I posses, while there are others, who will not operate in their God-given gifts, if I don’t activate it in them. Why wouldn’t they follow me?

You see, I spent (and to some degree every now and then, still spend) a lot of time focusing on who I’m not, while totally disregarding everything I am. Too many of us make the mistake of believing that we are not equipped to do great things for ourselves, or even for a higher cause. But that’s not the case! Each of us, have been hand crafted by God to fulfill His purpose. He has prepared you to produce fruit, and you never will, focusing on everything you’re not. All you need is the courage to say “yes”, and watch God do the rest!

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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