Murphy’s Flaws

Everyone has flaws. I think it is all agreed, that no one is perfect, but I think we only tend to recognize that fact after making mistakes. It is important that you and I fully identify our flaws, and NOT do the following :

  1. Don’t Confuse – There are certain things that make us an individual. In other words, these are not flaws or deficiencies, but are the unique qualities that make us different. For example, many people would consider me to be fat. I’m a big guy, carrying extra weight (especially in my midsection). This is an “issue” that I’ve dealt with all my life, but this is NOT a flaw. Having (or as most would say, being fat) doesn’t make me any less valuable as a person, so to call it a flaw would be a mistake. While there may be some things about ourselves that we don’t like, it doesn’t make all those things flaws.
  2. Don’t Fixate – It is easy, once you recognize your flaws, to zero in on them, fixating on the things that are wrong. Our flaws are not there to distract us from our destiny, but, on the contrary, God has graced us to overcome them. For example, I have a hard time with spelling. However, I don’t let that stop me from writing. If I were to fixate on my inability to remember the fundamentals of spelling, it would stop me from producing the fruit of my writing. Instead, I use the tool of “spell check” to help me overcome my flaw. Rather than stopping at your flaws, find the tools that will help you conquer them.
  3. Don’t Exaggerate – Just like many have the tendency to fixate of their flaws, many others easily exaggerate them as well. Yes, every detail, or lack thereof, has an impact on the end results of anything, but far too often we can greatly over-estimate the effects of our flaws. For example, I am very socially awkward, meaning that I tend to be overly self conscious, making it very difficult to be comfortable in social setting. For the longest time, I would use that as an excuse to fall back and not interact. Doing that had me missing valuable opportunities to get to know people and create relationships. Now, I’m learning to power through the initial awkwardness, so that I can get to the place of comfortably socializing quicker.
  4. Don’t Ignore – To ignore anything, is to know it is there, but refusing to acknowledge it. Many of us have flaws that we brush over, refusing to consider, which leaves us looking foolish, on top of incompetent. It’s perfectly okay to be unable to do certain things, but to act as if those flaws don’t exist, when we know they do, makes for a double whammy.
  5. Don’t Deny – To deny present flaw is much more problematic than ignoring. Most people who deny their flaws, fail to even recognize their existence, creating a blind spot in their character or skill. Dismissing one’s own flaws creates a sense of false confidence, that in the right circumstance can be very dangerous. Instead of ignoring or denying your flaws, it is best to own up to them, and getting the help you need to be successful.

Yes, we are all flawed, but the beautiful part about that fact, is that we all also need each other. God didn’t design us to exist completely separated from everyone else. It is His plan that we take our strengths as well as our weaknesses, our perfections and our flaws, to create the portrait of our lives.

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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