No Parking

More than likely, you’re like me; in that road rage is a common thing. With people, I’m calm and patient, but if you get me behind the wheel, I have very little tolerance for anything that slows me down. Very rarely do I just drive aimlessly, mostly because gas is too expensive; but I am usually driving with a purpose. In other words, if you see me on the road, I’m heading somewhere, because there is somewhere I need to be, and something I need to do.

I also understand, that the road I’m on will get me where I need to be. Roads are about progress, because very road is leading somewhere. Whenever I’m in a different city, and get lost or lose my bearings, I will enter into my GPS, the major highway. I don’t do this because there is something on that road for me to see, I do that because I know that highway will either lead me back home or to my destination. Here is another truth about GPS; if I have to stop to get directions, I must get out of the road. If I am lost, there is no need of me slowing anyone else down. Because roads are about progress, and if I can’t make any progress, I need to get out of the way. There is no need of creating road rage for someone else, because there is no parking in the streets of progress.

In Matthew 10, Jesus gives his disciples authority to preach the coming Kingdom, giving them specific instructions to continually make progress. But in verse 14, He instructs them, in so many words, to never park at a road block. He said if the people in any given city “will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet (New International Version).” In other words, keep it moving! The road you’re on was not designed for you to stop the progress.

Just like a dance floor, God put us on this path in our lives to keep us moving. It doesn’t matter what you may come across while on the road, do let it stop you. Whether it be the road block of rejection, or failure, or even if you completely wreck things, don’t park there. You may need to pull over and get directions, but there is no parking on this road of life. “Beep Beep!!” It’s so easy, it’s so right to keep it moving with the help of the Lord! So whatever your destination, whatever your goals, or whatever your purpose … GET WITH IT!

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“No Parking”  Written and produced by Reggie Calloway, Bobby Lovelace, and Bill Simmons. Performed by Midnight Star. Released 1984.

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