Passin’ Me By


I can remember as a kid in middle school, we would have the book fair. One of my favorite books to buy would be from the Where’s Waldo series.  These books contained illustrations of the main character, a tall guy with a glaring red and white striped sweater, and large round specs, in various, amazing places, doing various amazing things. The purpose of the entire set up is to find Waldo. One would think that locating this tall, skinny guy, in THAT outfit would be relatively easy. However, after scanning the picture for a while you begin to realize that he is a lot less conspicuous than you thought, and can be easily overlooked. 

There are plenty of people, in some amazing places in their lives, doing some amazing things, yet the vast majority of others just don’t seem to see them. There are people all around us, who could add so much value and joy to our lives, but for whatever reason, they are invisible to us. Camouflaged. My dad would say, “if they were a snake, you just would have been bitten.”

perhaps even you, like me have felt overlooked, feeling like “why do they keep passing me by?” We know, as a matter of certainty that we are great people, but no one else seems to validate that thought. Maybe you were passed up for relationships, career opportunities, business deals or chances to display your gifts. It never feels good, but here are 5 things to remember when you are feeling overlooked:

  1. Nothing is lost in the eyesight of God. This is a prayer my wife taught me, and her mom taught her. It is what I say when I can’t find something that I need, be it my keys or my glasses. God is fully aware of where you are, and He knows how to get you to the people, situations, and circumstances that need you.
  2. It may be protection. God also knows what people, situations, and circumstances are NOT right for you, and perhaps He has hidden you to protect you from them. There are many a bullets that I later realized that I had dodged, or better yet, that God had shielded me from. So the hurt and pain of being rejected or overlooked is minimal to the stress and strain of being visible to danger.
  3. It’s good to fly under the radar. Much like point #2, it’s not a bad thing to be inconspicuous. Flying under the radar can not only protect you from outside dangers, it can also mask your inner deficiencies as well. These are the times when you mistakes don’t count as much, because fewer people are watching. Once you’re noticed by the masses, any little error becomes massive.
  4. You’re doing something right. I work in education, as an in school suspension teacher. With there being around 600 kids on this campus, I really can’t know every kid. There are only 2 categories of kids I know: those who are SUPER friendly, and those with behavior issues. Both of these caterories are personality based, swinging on the extreme good and bad ends of the pendulum. The kids in the middle, I don’t know, and never really see. These are the kids who don’t talk in the hallway, and do their work in class. They do good work and behave well, which will ultimately be rewarded. Perhaps you like these kids in the middle, don’t have the big and noticable personality, but will ultimately reap the benefits of doing things right.
  5. It may not be your turn, but be ready when it is. It’s been said that every dog has its day. In other words, your opportinities are coming, and you will get your chance to shine. Don’t miss this time to prepare for that moment being bitter that it didn’t come sooner. Every rise isn’t quick, so while you may have been passed up this time, YOUR time is still coming. It’s not too late, so BE READY!

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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“Passin’ Me By”  Written by R. Robinson, T. Hardson, E. WIlcox, D. Stewart, and J. Martinez. Produced by J-Swift and LA Jay. Performed by The Pharcyde. Released 1993.

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