It is inevitable. Everyone is going to want something that they do not need. Not only that, but we will all at sometime want something that is bad, dangerous, or down right fatal for us. At some level, we are all fascinated with the excitement of thrills. Being daring and even cheating death is attractive to us, but the reality is that we need to, in many degrees, calm that urge down. 

Most of the time, the pull of the dangerous is not for any purpose. We live our lives very carefully; planning every detail of our education, career, financial security and family life, only to play roulette  in other areas that are equally important. We become fixated on the charge and the thrill of pursuit of the very thing that we don’t need. Driving us out of our mind … can’t get it out of our head … chase it … crave it … even love it … wrong move and you’re dead. That thing is poison.

This is our nature from the start. God created mankind, putting them in absolute paradise, having everything they needed and desired.  They were so engrossed in the blessing and favor of God, that they didn’t even need to be covered with clothes. They were free and comfortable to enjoy all that God had given them. But with freedom comes parameters. God said you can live freely in this awesome place, and even eat from every tree on this land with the exception of one tree in the middle of the orchard. God told them, if you eat from THIS tree, you will certainly die.

One may ask, if that be so, why would God even put this dangerous tree there? Why would a loving, awesome and powerful God make this poison available? The answer is simple. God loves us enough to allow us to make our own decisions. He doesn’t desire for us to be His terrestrial robots automatically obedient to His every command. He wants us to trust Him and His provision and to be satisfied with it. Let’s be honest, we want the same thing relationally. We want a mate that can come in contact with the opportunity to indulge in a great temptation, but still choose us. THAT’S love. THAT’s trust.

But instead of loving God enough to trust Him and His provision, mankind toyed with the idea of having what they knew would kill them. They flirted with disaster and instead of walking away, they dived in head first. Ignoring the signs and warnings has been our M.O. from the start, and God loves us enough to let us have what we want, even when we don’t need it.

God’s protection will only go so far, and He refuses to override your will. If we are not sensitive to God’s will we may even assume that God ordains what He allows. Don’t be so wrapped up in your own desires, that you inadvertently, but willfully receive poison. If you believe God knows best, the fully follow His prescribed steps, and not just the ones that suit your fancy. You can’t trust yourself to save yourself, so don’t even chance it.

(Never trust a big butt and a smile, either. It’s just some good, solid advice, LOL!!!)

© 2016 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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“Poison”  Written and Produced by Elliot Straite (AKA DJ Freeze). Performed by Bell Biv Devoe. Released 1990.

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