Purpose Creates Passion

I’m not one to believe that this world is the product of chance. You and I are not accidents, but we are the product of divine purpose, because anything created has a reason for its existence. Simply put, purpose is the reason for which something was created or done, and even though we can’t always see it, purpose is always present. With that in mind, there has always been a creative nature to purpose, producing something that wasn’t there before. To this end, I believe purpose creates passion.  

Anyone who knows me, knows I never had the desire to preach. Being a preacher, or a pastor, were the furthest things from my mind. But around the age of 18 I began to feel the tug of God’s purpose for my life. After wrestling with the notion, I finally accepted my calling to the preaching ministry at 19, and to pastoring at 23. It was only after submitting to God’s will, that the passion for teaching and communicating God’s Word were ignited in me. It was clear as a Texas summer’s day. God’s purpose revealed a passion that was not there before.

But that’s not it …

I was told early in life that I was gifted and talented (GT), and had distinct creative ability. So when God called me to preach, He also awakened other gifts and talents, that I could utilize to proclaim God’s Word and advance God’s Kingdom. Never in a million years would I believe, that as bad as I am at spelling, I would be a writer; or as shy and sometimes antisocial as I am, that I would be a podcaster, or content creator. WHO KNEW?! But it was the revealed purpose of God, that unearthed these passions in me. Purpose creates passion.

This is seen clearly in the biblical example of Sarah. Here she is 89 or 90 years old, well past her sexual peak and reproductive years, when some guys show up talking about she’s going to give birth to a baby boy. How ridiculous?! The notion was so far-fetched, that she giggled to herself, asking, “…after I have become old, shall I have pleasure?” (Genesis 18:12, NASB)

In so many words, Sarah’s response was centered in her truth, that there was no passion in her to fulfill this purpose. I don’t have to explain where babies come from do I? In order to do what it takes to produce a baby, there MUST be at least some passion for her husband. Her expression suggests that her passion was no longer there, so how could this prophecy be?

Needless to say, she conceived and gave birth just like God said, and I believe it was because of the passion revealed by God’s purpose.

God has a plan for you, and while you may not be excited about it in this moment, or perhaps you may even laugh at the notion, His purpose will create and ignite the burning desire necessary to walk it out. Purpose creates the passion to produce.

© 2017 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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