Character: More or Less

So ….

Twitter has announced that, effective immediately, they are expanding their character limits by two times. In other words, instead of a 140 characters limit, it has been bumped up to 280 characters. I must admit, as a content creator I LOVE this new expanded freedom! There are thoughts I want to share, but just can’t figure out the way to squeeze into 140 characters. I’m excited! 

However, this announcement got me to thinking. One of the things that made Twitter so great IS that restriction. It made really think about what you had to say, and forced you to say short and sweet. I made some become EXTREMELY creative in their social media expression. Memes may have never been introduced, if it weren’t for the 140 character restriction.

Life in the Kingdom is the same way. Yes, God requires certain things of us, which may feel like restrictions. Sure, He may limit the ways we can express ourselves, our needs and our desires. Perhaps, we have to be more thoughtful in the words we say, or the actions we do. But is keeping close watch on our character really such a bad thing? Because within those perimeters, He creates a beautiful, joyful and peaceful life. Just a thought ….

© 2017 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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