I Wanna Be Down

Everybody wants a hook up nowadays. Internet stars seem to be born every minute, and everyone becoming an entrepreneur or building a brand. One of the most effective ways to market yourself in this climate is to hitch yourself to a big name, so you can be associated with a known figure. The right co-sign for someone who is already “poppin” can do wonders for your brand.

There is something about our culture that automatically trusts famous people. This is why companies pay lots of money to get celebrity spokespeople for their products. All you have to do is get Oprah to put your product or service on her list of “Favorite Things,” and you’re SET! So as many that are trying to make a name for themselves, they are constantly looking for other people to “put them on.” What most people don’t realize, is that relationship costs.

If you are building something, you have to be careful of all the people who “wanna be down with you.” People are glad to hitch themselves to your bandwagon because they see you going somewhere. They will maintain a superficial relationship (at best), in hopes of getting the hook up once you “make it.” However, that’s not the way things should work. Relationship costs, and in brand or business building, there are no free rides.

You would be better served by building relationships with people who genuinely believe in you and your talents, not the ones that just “wanna be down”. If you spend anytime in Instagram watching comedy videos, you may notice that there are groups of comedians that are working together on each other’s videos. In building their brands together and cross promoting each other, as well as establishing a professional relationship with others in the field, they are collectively “paying the cost.” Instead of waiting to be “put on” by the hot-shot comedian of the month, they are perfecting their crafts TOGETHER.

You are not obligated to open any doors for people, based on superficial relationships. People will watch you struggle to climb the stairs, offer no support, and expect you to send down the elevator once you make it to the top. Protect your brand and guard your hustle, because everybody can’t be down.

©2018 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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“I Wanna Be Down” Written by Keith Crouch and Kipper Jones. Produced by Keith Crouch. Performed by Brandy. Released 1994.

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