Leading in the First Quarter

We are officially over the hump in the latter have of January. The first quarter of the year can fly by if you let it, but I would like to offer 5 things every leader can do to ensure a strong start to the organizational year:

  1. Re-read a book.

    Go back and read that book, watch that video or listen to that podcast again. There are some great ideas that you need revisit, because now you’re ready to hear them.

  2. Retrace your steps.

    Many times we stumble into success (and sometimes even failure). The evaluation of what you’ve done, or where you’ve failed is a priceless tool for future success. 

  3. Refresh your mission or vision statement.

    Over time the vision or the mission evolves, whether it is because of the innovation or changes in your industry. Make sure that your mission/vision statements reflect the current organizational climate.

  4. Set a measurable goal for March.

    Longterm success can be greatly motivated by the execution of short-term goals. So find something that can energize your organization, and treat March 31st like New Year’s Eve!

  5. Be grateful.

    People need to know they are appreciated, so communicate that boldly. Dig deep and don’t be superficial about it. Being truly grateful for the people you lead can make or break the quality of your organizational outcome.

©2019 Derek J. Murphy Enterprises, and I AM KINGDOM Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

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