Overlooked Factors Of Success

Unfortunately, we tend to devalue our success by looking at the success of others. I don’t like to think that there are “levels” to success, but instead, people experience different types of success. If we don’t use this idea and model for measuring success, it can become a dangerous game, that no one wins, when we begin to compare. Success will always be celebrated, studied, and modeled, but there are key factors we tend to overlook:

  1.  The Individual
    Some experience their success because of their specific combination of personality, style, and skill. One would think that in order to be a successful musical artist all it would take is talent, however, for Micheal Jackson to set the bar so high with his album, Thriller, it took more than just an ability to sing. Micheal Jackson had to be a good songwriter, a great dancer, and a visionary in film and storytelling with videos. There is not, nor will there ever be, another Micheal Jackson. We have to consider that some people have the perfect personal combination for their success, and that can not be duplicated.

  2. The Team

    Just like the individual, the right people, surrounding the right leadership, can produce magical results. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and for years I’ve had to defend my football preference. However, the 2018 Super Bowl win was just the result of the right combination of personnel and coaching. There were no standout, superstar players, just good fundamental football, executed by a good team. That type of interpersonal chemistry cannot be manufactured or duplicated.

  3.  Timing

    Some success is a result of impeccable timing in industry climate, market need, or specific innovation. Kentucky Fried Chicken IS delicious, but Colonel Sanders’ success can be more attributed to timing than to his 11 herbs and spices. KFC became wildly popular in the 1950s when women were entering the workforce. Sure there were fast food restaurants at that time, but none were offering a home-cooked style meal for a reasonable price. So at a time when women were going to work, KFC was there to still give their families the same caliber of a meal that mom had cooked it herself.

  4. The Market

    Some success is specific to the market served, including location, target audience, and cultures. Ask just about any Texan what is the quintessential hamburger meal and they will tell you a Whataburger with fries, spicy ketchup, and a Dr. Pepper. A Californian may say an In-N-Out Burger with “animal style” fries and an A&W Rootbeer. An east-coaster may say White Castle with a milkshake. You see some success may be more about where you are than who you are.

  5.  The “It” Factor

    Some success stories can’t be explained by the previous factors, there’s just something that worked. 

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