Leading in the First Quarter

We are officially over the hump in the latter have of January. The first quarter of the year can fly by if you let it, but I would like to offer 5 things every leader can do to ensure a strong start to the organizational year: Re-read a book. Go back and read that book, … Continue reading Leading in the First Quarter

Two Things That Make Ministry Hard

The three words I have often uttered to describe where I am in my ministerial career: "ministry is hard". Lately, I'm coming to learn that these words may actually be "full of it". While it is true, for me at least, the ministry was not a career move. I never chose ministry: ministry chose me. … Continue reading Two Things That Make Ministry Hard

Behind The Scenes

TV. Movies. Advertisements. Shoot ... even Facebook and Instagram. In order for the public to see any finished product, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Beyonce has had a team working behind the scenes since she was 10 years old, maybe even before that. There have been people on here team, who … Continue reading Behind The Scenes

A Misunderstanding of Greatness

I have been watching a new show entitled, Designated Survivor. The premise is as follows: the federal government designates someone from the president's cabinet to sit out from the state of the union, in an undisclosed location, on the chance of a catastrophe  wiping out the line of presidential succession. This person is the designated survivor, … Continue reading A Misunderstanding of Greatness

A Glorified Stick

Driving down a main street in my town, I noticed a real life junk man. He had his spread there on the side of the road, in true Fred G. Sanford style, arranged in what seemed to me to be no particular order. Everything from old street signs to rusted antique farm equipment was right … Continue reading A Glorified Stick

Stop Focusing On Who You’re Not

I am an introvert; true blue. While I'm a very social person; I enjoy being around and interacting with people, it is simultaneously draining for me. So this causes me to be more reserved, and not very outgoing. While I may have some dynamic qualities, I don't feel like I'm very charismatic at all. So … Continue reading Stop Focusing On Who You’re Not

Trailblazers & Bridge Burners

The entire world paused to honor Muhammad Ali, this weekend, after his passing. He was undoubtedly one of THE most single influential athlete ever, and quite possibly one of the most iconic figures, in 20th century history. He was a person of such high honor, and wide-spread appeal, that everyone had something kind to say … Continue reading Trailblazers & Bridge Burners

Dear Small Church Pastor

The church world is full of different types of people. The diversity in the Lord's church is a testament of God's love and power, that misses no one. Regardless of the state we're in, God's love and power is never out of our reach. Just like there is diversity among God's people, there is also diversity … Continue reading Dear Small Church Pastor

Dear Worship Leader

(I just read a fabulous article, by Chad Brawley, discussing the importance of the corporate worship moment. He argues that our culture has become one of performing and not worship. This got me to thinking about "Dear Church Musician", so I decided it was time to write another letter.) As a church musician, worship leader … Continue reading Dear Worship Leader

Make It Last Forever

https://youtu.be/fBV8PdIoGsU Every Laker fan is singing it this morning. A LOT of democrats will be singing it in January. While I'm definitely not a Kobe fan, and just not THAT fully invested in politics, I sing it just about every time I get to the end of my cup of shaved ice. Make it last forever. … Continue reading Make It Last Forever