Every Laker fan is singing it this morning. A LOT of democrats will be singing it in January. While I’m definitely not a Kobe fan, and just not THAT fully invested in politics, I sing it just about every time I get to the end of my cup of shaved ice. Make it last forever. Don’t let it end. Nothing … no one … could compare to what we had!  (more…)

Leadership is vitally important. Our culture is designed in such a way that it takes a team to get just about anything accomplished. Great leaders provide the right combination of vision, guidance, intellect, and hard work to move teams and organizations from where they are to where they need to be and even into their destiny. This is why I say that leadership is vitally important. Successes and failures often hinge on the caliber of leadership in operation. (more…)

Don’t smoke in bed. Don’t accept candy from strangers. Don’t put a butter knife in an electrical socket. For most of us these are rules that go without saying. There are many things in life that fall into the common sense category. There comes a particular time in life, especially for adults, when certain things shouldn’t have to be explained anymore; you should just know. However, I believe we give too much credence to common sense. (more…)

In the wake of tragedy, we can always be found discussing what happened, why it happened, and who is at fault. It’s human nature to examine problems and find causes. But the key component that we don’t always include are solutions. There is a lot of needed discussion around the topics race relations and police brutality, but I believe the only reason there is violence in the streets is because we aren’t moving quickly enough to solutions that could actually fix the problems. People are tired of talking heads and sound bites. Everyone who has answers, may not really have solutions; so how do we move from rhetoric to solutions? How can you help prevent a Baltimore or Ferguson (or now Dallas, as of 7/7/16) from happening in Your City, USA? 5 Things are needed: (more…)

Check out this article I shared with Servant Leadership University about fallible leadership. While it is quite comical I offer 3 tips to help leaders who don’t have it all together, as well as the people who follow them …  (more…)