I can remember it clearly, though I have no idea how old I was. Early one Saturday morning I eased into the kitchen getting ready for my morning cereal, but my momma said she was cooking breakfast that day. Pancakes. I was very excited, because pancakes was one of my mother’s specialties. I was tall enough to see that the eye on the stove was a bright red color, and I was intrigued. (more…)

2014 is long gone, and many of us are getting back into the routines of life. We’ve reflected on the year that passed, and we are now focusing on what we can accomplish in the next twelve months. But, to be honest, many are having a hard time moving on. For many of us 2014 was harder than we ever imagined. We’ve survived the most challenging season of our lives, but now it’s time to live.


We live in a culture that seeks happiness but is skeptical of its existence in others. In other words, we will systematically question another person’s happiness, just simply because we haven’t found our own. The old adage, “misery loves company” rings true with most of us. (more…)

A smile can communicate the joy and happiness in your heart. That same smile is so contagious, that just at the mere glance, someone else’s day can be brightened. Simply because you smiled. (more…)

Many of you reading this blog, are visionaries. Many of you are not satisfied with status quo, and you have a clear vision of your future.  Many of you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that where you are going is so much better than where you’ve been. This is why you can never get distracted or discouraged  by what you see right now.  (more…)