Today, September 12, 2012, was the day it seems that the entire world was waiting for : Apple unveils the new Iphone. All the speculations and rumors were quieted by the reality of what is, Iphone 5. Whether a tech enthusiast or an everyday soccer mom, there are a lot of exciting new features for any user. There is no doubt that the lines are forming, full of people excited about this new thing. (more…)

After hearing FLOTUS speak the other night, my wife was inspired to write on her blog, about “What a Husband Needs.” In this piece she lays out, very beautifully, how wives should relate to their husbands. So now I’m inspired to write. Every wife needs … (more…)

(Angela & I are on the couch discussing some business and DJ comes in …)

Angela: Hey DJ, have you ever had to fire anyone?

DJ: No ma’am. (more…)

From the heart of Angela Pickett-Murphy. You Just Gotta Trust Him. She is a gifted and anointed woman of God and I am sure you will be blessed by her!


(I was going to do this differently, but I’m going to go this route.)

Being in a relationship with the same woman for almost 16 years has taught me at least one thing: people are imperfect. There is no one on God’s green earth that doesn’t need improving in some way. We all have flaws, but these flaws are magnified in relationships (especially in marriage). (more…)

There was a time that I would not eat cabbage. My mom would cook it all the time with smoked sausage, and I just hated it. It made me gag. It was so bad that it took a long time to even like smoked sausage again. After a long time, I decided to give cabbage a try again. Angela loves (and I mean LOVES) cabbage, so I gave it a go. Well, as it turns out, it was actually pretty good. (more…)

While most of my peers were focusing on finishing college, or

planning careers, I decided to get married. We were soooo young: I was twenty-one she was nineteen. Many told us we should wait, while others said it wouldn’t last. But, it is by the grace of God that we have shared ten years of marriage. While divorce rates are rising, many of you may be asking, “what’s the secret?” (more…)

Hey RML Fam, check out Fulfilling Purpose, the new blog by my wife, Angela Pickett-Murphy. She has a passion for serving people and building the Kingdom of God, and I’m sure you will be blessed by her words.

“Life is not always easy, but it’s better when you know your purpose.” – Angela Pickett-Murphy

See these two kids? It was 1996 and they were in love! As young as they were, they had truly found the real thing. She had this cute innocence and sweet disposition, while he had style, and confidence with a pinch of raw animal sex appeal. (I’m just guessing about that last one!) While she had her faults, let’s talk about him, because we know him better.

As time goes on, she discovers this guy has some serious issues with himself. For various reasons, that are far too delicate to mention here, he had problems with self esteem, self worth, self hatred, self image, and even anger and depression. Then he grew up … gained weight … started balding … his knees started to make noise when he walks … and probably the worst yet, HE STARTED TO SNORE!

Today, almost 15 years later, he knows he’s not “all that”. He knows he is the luckiest man in the world, because she still chooses to love him. For whatever reason she sees something special in him; something worth holding on to. Something worth fighting for. And while he may not have that raw animal sex appeal anymore, she makes sure he believes that she still thinks he does (even if she really doesn’t). She chooses to love him everyday, and for that he is extremely grateful.

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