So here we are AGAIN and unfortunately, lessons have still not been learned, and more black men and women are dead at the hands of police. Now add to that police are also dead at the hands of angry people. I wrote a piece called, Not Like This, back on December 1, 2014, and it is both sad and scary how this message is so relevant today; seeing as though this will be the 3rd time in less than 2 years we are back in the same place [also see (Still) Not Like This]. So here it is again with a few more names and details changed, because this is the same problem on a different day … (more…)

So here we are, almost exactly 5 months past the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and there is social unrest in the streets of Baltimore. Unfortunately, lesson have still not been learned, and another unarmed black man is dead at the hands of police. I wrote a piece called, Not Like This, back on December 1, 2014, and this message is yet relevant today. So here it is again with a few names and details changed, because this is the same problem on a different day … (more…)

You never plan to, many times it just happens. We have all hurt people, whether intentional or not; whether directly or not. Causing someone pain, unless you are a sociopath, is painful in and of itself. I’ve definitely been in both pairs of shoes. I’ve been the guy hurt, and I’ve been the one doing the hurting. I’ve been the one betrayed by friends and family who threw me under the bus, losing my respect. I’ve also been the guy possibly forever destroying my image to people who actually may have respected me. All and all, the truth still stands: we hurt people.

What do I do when I’ve hurt people? The answer is quite simple, but perhaps the hardest thing to do:


It has been one week since a Missouri grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, in the shooting death of Micheal Brown. No matter where you stand on this particular issue, we can all agree that it has captivated the nation for months now, highlighting race relations and the practices of law enforcement. Everyone has an opinion, but only two individuals know what truly happened August 9th.


The Kingdom Church Rewired Conference Promo:

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Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the most high holy day of the Christian calendar. It is the annual observance of our Lord and Savior’s, sacrificial death, His brief burial, and His triumphant resurrection. We look back, as the corporate Body of Christ, at the finished work of the cross. It is our defining moment as religious faith; the fact that our God demonstrated His power over sin and death.

I will agree that the western commercialization of every holiday has taken its toll on this holy observance, with the bunny, and the eggs, and the new clothes. But if you really know the reason we celebrate, these distractions should be of no consequence. (more…)

Last night, I had the opportunity to fully explain our church to someone. They said to Angela and I that there were some questions they HAD to ask. While I know the vision God has for The Kingdom Church, it is an entirely different thing to express it. They seemed to ask all the right questions to reignite my excitement for the ministry God has placed in our hands. (more…)

I was cruising through my wall on Facebook, and I noticed that a couple of people were upset at “church folks.” The customary “why they always judging other people” statements were made. I get that, no one wants to feel condemned, especially by imperfect people. However, (and it never fails) the Facebookers say, “That’s why people don’t go to church, because church is full of hypocrites.”

LAME!!! (more…)

I am the type of person that values personal space. I prefer not to have people close to me. Nothing personal against people, but I just would prefer not to have my space invaded. “Close Talkers” work my nerves, because I just don’t know you like that. That type of closeness is reserved for a very few people. (more…)

Trusting others is not Biblically necessary. As believers we are instructed to trust in God, because He is where we should place our full reliance. However, if we desire to be successful in our human relationships trust is key. Trust, not love, is the gateway to true intimacy. (Sneak preview for next week)

The Bible does speak about betrayal, which is the moment when trust is violated. You can only be betrayed by the people in whom you trust.