Passin’ Me By   I can remember as a kid in middle school, we would have the book fair. One of my favorite books to buy would be from the Where's Waldo series.  These books contained illustrations of the main character, a tall guy with a glaring red and white striped sweater, and large round specs, in … Continue reading Passin’ Me By

No Ordinary Love It really saddens me, that love has been reduced and devalued in such the way that it has. It's a word that we use so loosely, that it is no wonder that we have lost the truest sentiment of it. Love is in no wise ordinary. "Ordinary love" gives nothing, and seeks only to … Continue reading No Ordinary Love

What’s My Name?   There is so much in a name; more than many of us realize. Whatever you call anything is vitally important. The ancient Hebraic cultures understood this principle very well. There is a prophetic activation that happens when we name anything. In other words, it will become whatever you name it.  My name is … Continue reading What’s My Name?

One Sweet Day   One of the biggest criticisms of Christian faith, especially among the African-American community is the "pie in the sky," "sweet by-and-by" concept of heaven and eternal life. It's argued that white slave masters taught black slaves this principle of Christendom in order to control the slave population; as to say, "if you obey … Continue reading One Sweet Day

No Parking More than likely, you're like me; in that road rage is a common thing. With people, I'm calm and patient, but if you get me behind the wheel, I have very little tolerance for anything that slows me down. Very rarely do I just drive aimlessly, mostly because gas is too expensive; but I … Continue reading No Parking

I Wish From the Wizard of Oz to Aladdin, there has always been a fascination with wishing.  Birthdays candles, a stray eye lash, coins in a fountain, first and shooting stars, and the list of wishing traditions go on and on. Wishing is something borne deep into the human fabric. While it makes for entertaining stories … Continue reading I Wish

Killing Me Softly   Last night, after church, my kids and I were riding through the city. I had discovered a new song by an artist that my kids love, so I put it on, so they could hear it. When the beat drops, my youngest son immediately goes into the familiar cadence of "hey ... hey … Continue reading Killing Me Softly

If It Isn’t Love Yes, we live in an awful world, where people seem to be getting worse and worse. It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch the news, read the paper, or even scroll through social media without being bombarded with the darkest sides of humanity. Everywhere we turn there is murder, robbery, hate speech, and the … Continue reading If It Isn’t Love

No More Hey relax! Sit back and chill. Let's take a second to really assess how you feel. I've been there too. Having my blood boiling, blood pressure elevated, tense and uptight; all because I saw that person that did that thing to me that time, and never forgot it. We've all done it ... holding a … Continue reading No More

Don’t Want To Be A Fool   Let's just face it. We live in a generation that has serious trust issues. With a majority of us born, or brought up in single parent households, or slit families, we have come accustomed to broken promises. Not only that, but the things that had become bedrock, such as the government or the … Continue reading Don’t Want To Be A Fool