TV. Movies. Advertisements. Shoot … even Facebook and Instagram. In order for the public to see any finished product, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes.

Beyonce has had a team working behind the scenes since

As natural as these pictures look, ,on the left, they were actually the result of a lot of behind the scenes work before and after the flash.

she was 10 years old, maybe even before that. There have been people on here team, who invested time, talents, energy, and yes, even money into every level of her career. Of course, the people she started with in 1992 aren’t the same people today, but there have always been people behind the scenes that give us “THE” Queen Bey.

The work that happens behind the scenes is just as, if not more impressive than the things we see. I remember doing the photo shoot for my official head shots, taking about 2 hours to produce only about 6 usable shots. The photographer gave me so much direction, that at the time, made no sense, but his attention to details, made my pictures look effortless. Even the simplest things, take a lot to get done right.

People only tend to want to be the one on the stage, or the one in the audience. Hardly ever do people want to put in the work that produces what we see. From creating, to planning, to prepping, to producing, to directing, to editing, to packaging, to promoting ; for every thing we enjoy, there is more than meets the eye.

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I have been watching a new show entitled, Designated Survivor. The premise is as follows: the federal government designates someone from the president’s cabinet to sit out from the state of the union, in an undisclosed location, on the chance of a catastrophe  wiping out the line of presidential succession. This person is the designated survivor, who would assume the office, keep the federal government rolling. Throughout the years, this has been a mere formality, until the unthinkable happens; and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tom Kirkman is thrutsed into leading the country and the free world, after the Capital Building is bombed, killing almost everyone in every branch of the government.  (more…)

Earlier today, my wife came into my classroom, to talk to me, and she lets me know there is a little crust in my eye. I tried to get it, but she said I made it look worse. So I stood up to let her get it, and when she was done, I tried sit back down at my desk, and completely missed the chair. Now, I’m on the floor! Thank goodness none of my students saw me, and even though she laughed at me, she dusted me off and made sure I was okay. (more…)

We are 10 days into the new year. As usual many of us have made resolutions to do better and be better, but unfortunately some have already fallen off the wagon. New year’s day always brings about a grand sense of renewed hope and optimism , but is rarely met with consistent discipline. I’m guilty of it too; hitting the ground running, but fizzling out almost as quickly as we blasted off.



Have you ever heard the saying “too heavenly minded, that you’re no earthly good”? Well clichés are cliches for a reason, because this is a true statement. One of the greatest criticisms of the Christian faith is our preoccupation with heaven and what happens after we die. This fascination is particularly prevalent in the African-American church, because historically black slaves were taught that we should only expect our reward in heaven, and that teaching just remained a fundamental philosophical fixture. In fact, I can not recall a funeral, in a black church, that I did not hear the song, “Going Up Yonder”. It doesn’t stop there. The church at large sings “I’ll Fly Away”, “Sweet By And By”, and “When We All Get To Heaven” with a seemingly greater fervor than others.  (more…)

We are a few days into the new year, and like most people I entered 2017 with a sense of joy and anticipation of what this year will bring to me. Riding that high all day January 1st was fairly easy: spent the whole day with family, had a wonderful church service, ate pizza for lunch, soul food for dinner, and my favorite football team won.  But January 2nd took me back to work, and I hit a brick wall of negativity. Some was brought on by my own brain, and the rest was handed to me by others; but be the end of the day I couldn’t shake it.  (more…)

One of the funniest things about working in elementary education, is the look on a second graders face when they see you away from school. Whether walking through Target, pumping gas, taking a stroll in the park, or just mowing your own yard, it’s the same response. Their eyes light up! “Mr. Murphy! What are you doing here?” As to say, “I left you at school! No way you could’ve escaped!” The funniest part of the whole exchange, is the next school day. They walk up to you and say, “I saw you at (where ever, doing what ever).” I’m convinced, they are just testing me to see if the person they saw, where ever, doing what ever, was actually me.  (more…)

Everyone worries. It is in us naturally to do. We concern ourselves about things that we can’t immediately change. Whether it means being apprehensive about the future or uneasy about the past, or uncomfortable with the present; everyone worries. I would be willing to bet, that as you’re reading this, there is something weighing on you right now. Most Christians will make you feel guilty about it, but the fact remains; everyone worries. (more…)

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of what everyone says is cool. With the abilities of mass media, via radio, television, and now the internet and social networking, popular culture has become a real element of even intellectual discussion. So, if you tend to indulge in that culture, you can sometimes be surprised by the things that keep the masses captivated.

However, we are all individuals, with individual tastes and individual ideas. In a world where people are more apt to recycle what’s popular, there still has to be a few who aren’t that concerned with trends. Someone has to be creative. Someone has to look at “what’s poppin” and say, “you know what? That ain’t my type of hype.”

Following the trends tend to:

  1. …. make us lazy.
  2. …. make things boring.
  3. …. cause us to miss some good stuff.
  4. …. take our eyes off of what we really like.
  5. …. make us feel like popularity determines worth.

Don’t succumb to the pressures to follow crowd, because the crowd may lead you to some places you don’t want to go. Be an individual that can passionately pursue the things that truly bring you joy and peace, without the worries of what “they” think. Be the creative soul that can remain true to your vision, without compromising you integrity. Be the man or woman who can stand on your own opinions without bowing to the idols of popular thought. Yea, all that looks good, but it ain’t my type of hype!

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“Ain’t My Type Of Hype” was written by Full Force, Maurice White, and Al McKay. Produced, and performed by Full Force. Released 1989. Made famous by the iconic battle dance scene in the motion picture “House Party,” written and directed by Reginald Hudlin. Produced by Gerald T. Olson and Warrington Hudlin.

A couple of months ago, the hard drive on my computer crashed. It happens. Either I bumped it too hard, or a program corrupted it, or perhaps it just wore out. I’m not really sure why, but it crashed. So I take in to be fixed, and the technician informs me that with installing a new hard drive, I may lose some information. I wouldn’t lose EVERYTHING, but there were a couple of very important things, that may no longer be there. He said, they would save as much as they could, but the computer would basically have to be reset, to its original settings. So even all the things that I did to personalize my home screen and menus would be all gone. In other words, I was able to save the computer, and have it, but it just wouldn’t be the same.